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By Anonymous
You don't have to talk to him at sunlight altar for him to appear at the centipede demon. I just fought the demon yesterday, haven't been to the altar yet, and his sign was there (PS3 ptd edition)
By Anonymous
He asked me to join the covenant today with my str faith build. Never seen that before.
By Anonymous
i killed him for his armor
By Anonymous
We all did...
By Anonymous
same its so cool looking and i left him alive on new game so i figured why not for new game+
By Anonymous
"If i didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for me!"

he knew it, HE KNEW IT
By Anonymous
true tho
By Anonymous
the virgin gwyn vs the chad solaire
By Anonymous
one time just to see who would win, i hid in the side of the arena and let solaire fight gwyn. He won by a landslide
By Anonymous
I miss you solaire I wish you could have joined us to ds3 and beyond
By Anonymous
If there is no Solaire then we must become one.
By Anonymous
Is there any way at all to get his set after having him fight Gwyn with you?
By Anonymous
No, he is in phantom form and it is his last encounter with you and just go to ng+ and fight him in the burg if you want his gear, that's what I'm doing.
By Anonymous
no you must kill solaire because its the only way.
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