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By Anonymous
Went through all the trouble of opening the shortcut via DoC covenant just to kill him in the end anyway. Don’t need help parrying Gwyn, sorry Sunbro.
By Anonymous
There is nothing this evil, ever. A truly heartless act.
By Anonymous
this is the single best NPC in all of gaming. it's such a shame I accidentally hit him in Anor Lando I should have been more careful but now he's dead at least it wasn't me who killed him but rather the silver knight... I have never been sadder over a death of a digital character. to all of the new players: he's the one single best friend in the entire game, do not kill him he's only done good and is the brightest beam of light you'll see in Lordran
By Anonymous
I don't think I've missed this written anywhere, but I've basically completed NG+ (only Gwyn to go) but I still need to meet Solaire at the alter of sunlight before being able to summons him for the fight. I believe I have met him everywhere else.
I've revisited the AoL and even done so after logging out. Did I do the wrong order? Am I too late? Have I missed my opportunity to have him for the final fight?
By Anonymous
Just realised that I was hollow when I visited the summon sign... *facepalm*
You'd think after playing Dark Souls games for years that I'd have remembered that!
By Anonymous
he carry you the first game, and four games later. He's still the best
By Anonymous
gonna buy dark souls: remastered just so i can find solaire and praise the sun with him
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Game gone offline (backwards compatible) just after killing him. Loat all his loot.
By Anonymous
The real problem is you killing him
By Anonymous
that's what you get for killing solaire you filthy heretic
By Anonymous
Just restart
By Anonymous
Y'know something? I killed him just before he went insane just because the way i see it being mercy killed is better.
By Anonymous
RIP solaire
By Anonymous
I beat the Centipede demon and sat at the bonfire after that before doing the trick with poison mist through the shortcut, and Solaire still lived
By Anonymous
They so could’ve made this guy a hidden final boss. Hear me out! What if you rescue him in Lost Izalith so he’s available as a summon for the Gwyn fight, BUT they’d programmed him to have slim chance of survival… so having defeated Gwyn with Solaire still alive he encourages you to link the fire and laughs maniacally when you do, or turns hostile if you try to leave and turns into some divine being as the gods’ last grasp at power and tries to kick your ***.
By Anonymous
I also am bad at storytelling and think anime is cool
By Anonymous
sorry solaire. I didnt mean to attack you.
By Anonymous
You can request absolution but it will mostly cost a lot of souls
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