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By Anonymous
Genuinely amazing how this series can make such lovable and memorable characters with only a few interactions
By Anonymous
I got invaded yesterday in Anor Londo when I was kindling that one bonfire before O&S. Invader used Solaire as a cover and i accidently hit him... I lost this invade, I lost my beloved Solaire, I lost everything and now I'm forever alone in the dark...
By Anonymous
A truly heinous act
By Anonymous
I love himb
By Anonymous
Talked to him in undead parish
And he isn't in anor londo(still avaible for O&S)
Killed all chaos bugs via izalith shortcut but he isn't in centipede demon bonfire
Bug or ....?
By Anonymous
You don't need to kill the bed of chaos in order to make him spawn, but u do need to kill the centipede otherwise he wont spawn in the hallways where the maggots are at. After you kill the centipede (do not go further then that bonefire, do NOT trigger lost izalith) warp back to daughter of chaos and do all that shortcut thingy, kill the maggots and go up the stairs towards the direction of the titanite demon then head back without needed to reload the area or anything and he will be sitting there.
By Anonymous
The fact that my comment about me worshipping my Solaire Bodypillow was deleted saddens me.

I only wish to show my devotion to my true sun.
By Anonymous
Says the guy that found his by killing a fire keeper lol.
By Anonymous
There are only 2 situations where I find wearing his armour agreeable:

1. You failed his quest and killed him in Izalith, and wear it out of respect
2. You killed him in NG, bombrush to NG+ to get him back, and wear it then, as we all know that impersonation is the greatest form of flattery
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