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Let's imagine if Patches know Solaire's "greed" about sun. Patches give Solaire a rumors of the Sunlight Maggot to punish Solaire's "greed".
I think that what happened
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i honestly love that solaire is one of the first npcs you meet in dark souls. hes a good reminder that not everything is horrible in this game.
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Best waifu
By Anonymous
I still don’t understand why he headed so far underground to find a sun…
By Anonymous
Maybe in search of the sun he learned of pyromancies. Then he headed to izalith in search of a teacher
By Anonymous
killed this racist on sight in each of my runs. zero tolerance for the klan
By Anonymous
in what way is he racist? he literally helps you out no matter which faction you're in as long as you can summon him? if anyone is racist it would be the way of white knights and rhea when they insult your rotting skin if you don't reverse hollowing before speaking to them but that doesn't really count because everyone goes hollow eventually and their job is hunting hollows so why wouldn't they find you choosing to look hollow in front of them aggravating?
By Anonymous
What the actual hell is the matter with you. Your nothing but pathetic scum.
By Anonymous
You filthy heretic, you should burn in hell for these evil things you have said. I hope an emp fries all of your electronics so you can never play dark souls ever again.
By Anonymous
Isn’t this the *** guy?
By Anonymous
Not only the best Dark Souls NPC. One if the most likeable NPCs in all of gaming.
By Anonymous
Isn’t this the ga.y guy?
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