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By Anonymous
this guy is one of the reasons I'm on patches's side here
By Anonymous
Somehow I am starting to like this guy. For me, he is one of those npcs who stay sane no matter what, like patches and the others. Yea he is a bastard, but does it matter if he is the last man standing?
By Anonymous
he is terrible no matter what
By Anonymous
dude, he is already insane from the beginning. Logan only insane after he studied white dragon breath. Him, he is already insane from the beginning. He ask you to pay for the information that others can provide you for free. He throw their compatriot and his lady off the cliffs. He also ended up killing and taking his lady belongings. None sane people do this kind of thing. Thats why people thumbs down on your comment.
By Anonymous
If this guy wasn’t in the game, Dark Souls would’ve been an easy 0/10. PETRUS CARRIED THE GAME!
By Anonymous
The first time lautrec told me what happened I absolutely butt **** this bastard with a bandits knife, and if dark souls was realistic, firelink shrine would have been soaked in blood. Then I pushed lautrec off of a cliff and was on my way.
By Anonymous
Kicked Lautrec*
By Anonymous
After I found out Petrus killed reah I launched him into orbit with my black knight greatsword
By Anonymous
That is the correct response
By Anonymous
You sound like a white knight simp
By Anonymous
If you buy stuff from reah petrus doesn't kill her, so you can't get a free pendant.
By Anonymous
his head looks like TIP OF A *****
By Anonymous
Fatty ahead
By Anonymous
Therefore, try beating to a pulp
By Anonymous
Why these clerics are so chunky, in thoruland they eat what?
By Anonymous
They eat sugma
By Anonymous
*sigh* What's sugma?
By Anonymous
Sugmapolis. Its a delicacy from boleteria made from feces and the phalanx. Also, it can sometimes be like fire drakes, as im dragon my nuts across yo face.
By Anonymous
haircut boy
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