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It seems killing Petrus on arrival at Firelink causes Reah's party to be irrevocably hostile towards you; even Requesting Absolution from Oswald of Carim does not make the other clerics stop being hostile towards you.
By Anonymous
They are hostile no matter what you do to Petrus because they all went hallow...just like the knight at the very beginning of the game. you talk to him then he tells you he's gonna die and go hallow and says he's sorry if he will attack you afterwards. Same thing happened to Reah's party...they lost their mind. Just as it will happen to Solaire later on if he finds he's "sun"
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By LazarusofLond
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Well Solaire is an exception in that he doesn't go hollow, he's just batsh*t insane at that point lol.
By Anonymous
A damn shame isn't it? That's what you get for saving them from a traitor.
By Anonymous
So this is Aldrich back when he was human.
By Anonymous
Are you an idiot
By Anonymous
It was a fat joke y'all
By Anonymous
Rotten cleric.
By Anonymous
I can't get laurtrec to tell me anything.
he just keeps saying he's gonna leave.
By Anonymous
This happened to me too, I hade try to leave firelink and return or quit the game ane reenter but He keep telling me that is gonna leave. Even petrus just keep repeating the same line he tell when he return from the tombs of giant and no mention on the saving of Reah
By Anonymous
I’m assuming you’ve already collected the fire keeper soul from the sunlight alter. The problem you are experiencing is that you’ve entered Blighttown where the second fire keeper soul is located. That is the trigger to get the “I’m thinking of leaving” dialogue from Lautrec.sadly, you won’t be able to get that dialogue anymore but it shouldn’t affect the rest of the quest line.
By n8th3n
I want that Elite Cleric Armor! (PS3)
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By Anonymous
Feel the rof of the Gods!
By Anonymous
I only needed to kill the capra demon to get them to appear. No need to ring first bell
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