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On a recent playthrough, I killed Petrus as soon as I met him to save my waifu Reah.
To my surprise, when her party arrived at Firelink, they were immediately hostile towards me. I fled and went to Oswald he could help me get back into m'lady's good graces. He charged me lots of souls alright, but her party is still hostile to me. I'd be thankful if anyone could confirm this is not a bug but supposed to happen like this.
that's it, you kill those two and leave you lovely waifu hit you.
Not sure what was the reason but on YouTube someone got invaded by Solaire as a red phantom after killing centipede demon , apparently they said it was because they had killed Oswald and couldn't absolve their sins ( sin of killing Oswald or other sins , I'm not sure )
Wasn't he just invaded by someone with Solaire's armor?
If I killed daughter of Chaos and then absolve sins will Eingyi be friendly again?
Excuse me, you what?
You heartless bastard!
You're not a giant dad w/out this emote
T pose confirmed
ii felt like i wanna punch his face when he speaking
Purging stones are 3000 souls per stone, double checked it just now and the page for purging stones says 3k too
Dunno if something went wrong, but I abandoned Darkmoon via Oswald, and it counted as a sin. Perhaps Darkmoon is a specific instance? Can anyone else confirm this happening?
First time I saw him, I thought my game bugged out and he was T-posing