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i had all of those weapons listed at +10 and none of them gave me the Cursed Greatsword of Artorias
it will use the word cursed in the item description if you can find that word you got it
Further assistance: The description of the cursed greatsword of Artorias is different from the greatsword of Artorias
"Cursed" is the unofficial name. If your sword is killing ghosts without transient curse you got your weapon.
Look at its icon. Cursed GsoA has dark colour whereas true GsoA has bright colour.
well do something about it
Finaly i can get that sword thats really goodhelp
Heh... I don't use boss weapons, I appreciate the challenge of using weapons I scavenged from corpses.
No one asked
What an edgelord.
I can respect that
meh just go get the gravelord sword and your set
The gravelord sword has easily the worst scaling possible the murakamo easily beats and I haven't used the sever or whatever the other one is called but even that beats the gravelord sword and yeah granted it is great for pve especially early on like the drake sword but the scaling makes a huge difference later on hence why people call those types of weapons noob traps
Only boss soul weapon i use is Lifehunt scythe be cause i like the challenge of taking bleed damage for a hit.
Mmm, masochism.
Praise the sun
I'm sorry but um what happened to the list?