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I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite sword in Lordran.
By Anonymous
The first time I looted this sword, I thought it dropped by one of those Undead Warriors who were killed by the dragon before. I was so stupid, that I started to farm these guys on the bridge to get a second Claymore. Haha :D
By Anonymous
Why should you use the Claymore when you can use the Man-Serpent Greatsword for nearly the same damage?
By Anonymous
It weighs much less, has a far superior and more diverse moveset, is faster and more stamina efficient, has more reach, looks better...
By Anonymous
Elden Ring player type comment
By Anonymous
This is a good question.

Short awnser:
For low STR/DEX and uncapped chars Claymore is better. For 120 LVL cap Man-Serpent Greatsword is better.

Long awnser:
Let's say for the sake of argument that the base STR and DEX are 10.

Claymore would require to invest 6 points to weild, while Man-Serpent Greatsword would require 14.
Man-Serpent Greatsword also has 4 aditional weight.

That being said, Man-Serpent Greatsword has a 521 AR with 40 STR, with 30 invested points. Claymore has 525 at 40/40 with 60 invested points. If you take into consideration weight diff, then Man-Serpent Greatsword would require 8 more points into END to stay at mid roll compared to Claymore, or 16 to stay at fast roll. This leaves the Man-Serpent Greatsword with 14 to 22 levels of difference. Claymore has a slightly more usefull moveset, but Man-Serpent Greatsword doesn't lag behind.

Taking this into consideration, elemental upgraded Claymore is a better choice for vey low STR/DEX characters or for a uncapped level character. For a lvl 120 capped character, the regular Claymore lags behind the Man-Serpent Greatsword, since the huge stat investment makes it impossible to enchant it unless trading VIT for FTH/INT.
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By Anonymous
Don't tell anyone you leveled that $h!t
By Anonymous
Lmao wtf is "true combo" supposed to mean? That's literally nonsense, any combination of attacks is a COMBO. That's where the word comes from lol. Nobody has ever used much less popularized the vernacular "true combo" in any Fromsoft games, stop making things up for no reason. It's like how some people say "liquid humanity" like lmao it's always been called "soft" humanity, in over a decade I've never heard someone actually call it that. And true combo lmfao I just can't get over that totally made up phrase, like what the hell would that even pertain to, how is a thrust and slash not a "true combo" but a slash and thrust is? That makes no sense, so just an fyi for anyone trying to make edits to these pages, stop trying to completely make up vocabulary that hasn't ever existed among fans as if it means anything. There is no such thing as a "true combo", just a true idiot fabricating lies on a wiki for one of the most well established and open communities in gaming to ever exist. Hahaha, "true combo" lol what's next, you gonna say how fast rolling and mid rolling are the same and that fat roll is secretly the quickest? What a fool
By Anonymous
True combo means that these attacks can generally stun your opponents allowing you to get another "free" hit. For example a heavy attack stuns an enemy and you follow it with a quick attack and the enemy has no time do dodge that. It is mainly used in PvP, not really in PvE and I have heard that a lot of times
By Anonymous
"true combo" is a real phrase usually from fighting games it basically means an inescapable combo. once you use the first move the second cannot be escaped unless the combo was messed up. like in ds3 r1 into r1 is a true combo technically its a real phrase for fighting games and it makes sense people apply it to from soft games. at least the pvp.
By Anonymous
Bro just got out Blighttown with the full toxic bar
By Anonymous
"True combo" is technically more of a Smash Bros term. In traditional fighting games like Street Fighter, the "true" part would be redundant as there's no directional influence that lets you escape follow-ups. Likewise, hitstun in Dark Souls either lasts long enough to get in another hit, or it doesn't. There's no middle ground or way to move your character while in hitstun. It's debatable if it even makes sense in Smash. So yes, "true combo" is a funky term to use, but not for the reasons OP thinks. Attacks that combo are simply combos.
By Anonymous
Holy bait, Batman!
By Anonymous
True combo has nothing to do with pvp. What it really means is that it doesnt reset your attack animation and chains into the next attack.
By Anonymous
what a long winded and incorrect answer, i bet you're a blast out and about. I love how hard you tried to sound smart though.

true combos stun or cannot be avoided. regular combos can be interrupted or poised.

Take a break from being a pompous unintelligent douchebag and go touch some grass.
By Anonymous
True combos are just combos. What Souls people think regular combos are would better be labeled as strings.
By Anonymous
Why are you booing, he’s right.
By Anonymous
People like you are the main reason most people hate FromSoft fans, including other FromSoft fans. Toxic basement-dwelling a$$hole
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I don't understand why people seem to like it, it seems like it has poor damage and it has a normal way of attacking, can someone explain? I think my dark halberd is way better
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it looks pretty
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I never used the dark halberd so I am not sure if it is trully better, but claymore is 100% the better first timer weapon, it has amazing quality scaling good with all builds, it's base damage scaling is amazing, eazy to get, moveset is eazy to learn but does not trivialise anything, you need to learn how to play the game with this weapon, while it also keeps the difficulty fair and balanced, trully probably the best weapon for new comers, and veterans also love this weapon due to it being so reliable.
By Anonymous
The claymore is one of the best, if not the best, sword in the game and not only for starters.
This thing is easy to use easy to find and easy to fall in love with
By Anonymous
wtf is the "dark halberd" ? do you mean black knight halberd?
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By Anonymous
I love this thing. I am kinda clueless on picking weapons, but I think this hits the balance sweet spot between Damage,Stamina consumption,Swing speed and a nice one handed moveset. I'm not a big fan of the two handed moveset or the running attack but it's still a nice damn sword. +12 carried me till end game without any big deal
By Anonymous
Anyone like the lightning claymore? Just got it to +4 and it's damage is mediocre but it seems to stun enemies often
By Anonymous
Using it in one hand requires 16 f*cking STR and 10 DEX (the one u should never tell anyone about). Do you see a pattern here?

+15 regular or +5 lightning Claymore with it's great moveset is actually very good side-arm for Giant Dad builds for this sticky situations when we actually need to use shield to parry/riposte/block or use something that do not deal fire damage. Since clay is lighter than zwei we can also switch shield to heavier than grass crest without loosing our fast movement.
By Anonymous
Everyone who took the time to read this has lost Intelligence...
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