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By Anonymous
I love this thing. I am kinda clueless on picking weapons, but I think this hits the balance sweet spot between Damage,Stamina consumption,Swing speed and a nice one handed moveset. I'm not a big fan of the two handed moveset or the running attack but it's still a nice damn sword. +12 carried me till end game without any big deal
By Anonymous
Anyone like the lightning claymore? Just got it to +4 and it's damage is mediocre but it seems to stun enemies often
By Anonymous
Using it in one hand requires 16 f*cking STR and 10 DEX (the one u should never tell anyone about). Do you see a pattern here?

+15 regular or +5 lightning Claymore with it's great moveset is actually very good side-arm for Giant Dad builds for this sticky situations when we actually need to use shield to parry/riposte/block or use something that do not deal fire damage. Since clay is lighter than zwei we can also switch shield to heavier than grass crest without loosing our fast movement.
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