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By Anonymous
This weapon is actually quite good. It has solid reach, decent damage (especially if infused with lightning) relatively low stat requirements and it doubles your resistances! What's not to love?
By Anonymous
I also find it's a rare dex-scaling heavy hitter. Cool beans.
By Anonymous
it's a Greataxe
By Anonymous
And it can swing thru walls, thank baby Jesus
By Anonymous
Whats the weapon matchmaking lvls? Also this website should already have this on the all the pages.
By Anonymous
how tf is this better as a dex weapon than as a strength weapon, considering axes normally have much higher strength scaling / requirements.
By Anonymous
Perhaps, but i think most people put this down the elemental upgrade paths (Chaos, Lightning, Enchanted).
By Anonymous
The shaft bends on strong attacks, which could require better hand dexterity
By Anonymous
Would you consider nunchuks dex or str weapons?

By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Because it bends.
By Anonymous
Because fromsoft wanted a dex scaling axe?
By Anonymous
Lifehunt scythe dual wield
By Anonymous
Exactly. Great alternative to Blood Shield when you can't parry or block something easily. Even better when you mostly two hand.
By Anonymous
Can you use buffs like darkmoon blade on this it would be perfect for my build
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By ThunderFlip
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Yes, this weapon can be buffed as long as you keep it on the regular upgrade path (not ascending to an elemental path).
By Anonymous
Thank you I have been looking for a good weapon I can buff
By Anonymous
Watch out blightown.i be coming in
By v0idkore
If you don't manage to get it from the Bell Gargoyles, will it be a guaranteed drop from the gargoyle in Anor Londo?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I never got it from either, so it doesn't seem like a guarantee.
By Anonymous
No, it's dropped only when the tail is cut off so it is never guaranteed. Only drops once per playthrough.
By Anonymous
31 may anon is wrong, i got 2 in one playthrough
By Anonymous
is it just me or are most weapons in dark souls kinda mediocre sry if im wrong i am a new begginer and idk why the only weapon i feel like i got a good one is zweihander
By Anonymous
You might be a Giant Dad kinda person then
By Anonymous
I think that one of dark souls problems is exactly that it obly has a few passable weapons. I try to use gauntlet's every run, but no matter how overleveled I am, they just don't work.
By Anonymous
This weapon is good for quality and dex builds
By Anonymous
Depends. I think dark souls 3 has a ton of really cool weapons. My paladin build alternates between a few different ones depending on the scenario. Keep in mind this game is the first of 3.
By Anonymous
I never really understand why ppl love zwei, yes it can stun but it's just too slow and i feel the damage isn't enough for how slow it is
By Anonymous
Zweihander is fantastic but you need to get used to using more weapons. Many weapons are extremely effective in the right hands and only seem like they are underwhelming when you're used to the easy to learn staple weapons (Zwei, Uchi, Claymore, etc). Sure some are clearly better than others like Murakumo but this game is very balanced overall, not counting backstab fishing.
By Anonymous
It’s hard to get good weapons at the beginning. It takes rng, for example getting the tower knight in undead parish to drop the great axe or getting a black knight to drop its respective weapon
By Anonymous
Im super biased, but dex weapons lack the satisfaction of those big azz strenght weapons.

Theyre fun and more versatile, but they lack the oomph i want
By Anonymous
It's because of how poise works in DS1. Zweihander will basically always break any poise because it's an ultra greatsword and they have crazy high poise damage values. This makes it feel much better to use than most weapons, since it will stagger opponents on basically every hit, decreasing the opportunities they get to strike back. There are plenty of excellent weapons if you're really good at the game, but when you're new, those big beefy staggering hits can get you to learn the game better.