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After a great deal of testing, I've found that my roll speed changes around 70% of my equip load. Specifically, I have a max equip load of 52. At 36.5, I roll very slowly. At 36.3, it's much faster.
-terribleperson, /u/terriblestperson
Same here, noticeable slowdown at 70 percent - actually was expecting something about this in the article.
Hacks or wrong wiki my man, this is ds1
I'm at 51.0/131.4 with Havel's what total do I need to fast roll
25% of 131.4 = 32.85, so anything below 32.9 Equip load shall give you a fast roll
Multiply your max equip load (141.4) by 0.25. That is 32.85 for your fast roll
If you get your Equip Load to 136 through having 96 END and Havel's Ring, you can fast roll with 51 Equip Load. With that much of a requirement, I'd recommend just easing your burden, but to each his own. You could also try adding the FAP ring and/or Mask of the Father, but you need your max load at 204.
why the ***** do u need a fast roll with havels. Go slippery dodge boy or go poise-boi
How do u upgrade equipment load?

increase your stamina
level up ur endurance
level up your endurance my dude
The game clearly tells you how to... press the Select/Back button to make the game show what everything means, if you select 'Endurance', you will notice that it says that it increases your equipment load
can someone explain this to me in english; how do i lower the percentage. tried dropping stuff, didn't change anything. wtf
equip burden is only affected by any items you have actively equipped on your character, so only your rings, armor and hand slots will affect your equip burden percentage.
The percentage is calculated as your current equip burden versus your maximum equip burden, so to reduce the percentage you must; increase your maximum equip burden by leveling up your endurance stat, removing equipped armor/weapons/rings or replacing them with items that have less weight.
You have to get rid of equipped weapons and armor. Items not equipped don't count towards equip burden.
Why am I still fat rolling even though my equip load is 32.8/64.0 ?
because your over 50% equip load
32,8/64*100 = 51,25%
The decimal points count
Because half of 64 is 32. You need 0.8 or 0.9 less.
because your over 50% equip load idiot
Ah, remember when there was a real difference between Light Rolls and Mid Rolls?
Okay so what does fat rolling actually mean? It's not explained anywhere
You roll like a fattass that just ate enough food to feed all of Africa and then still went back for seconds. It just means you're at the worst possible roll speed, making your rolls a lot less useful.
A fast roll is like a small flip in the direction you roll, a mid roll is a smaller side jump and a bit lower to the ground. When you fat roll, you basically just fall and roll over really slow.
How do you calculate the amount of endurance needed for a full black knights armor and sword
The math for the endurance needed to fast roll is; Endurance = (((Equipment Weight*4)*(1-(Carry Capacity Multipliers-1)/Carry Capacity Multipliers))-40)

Equipment Weight is the weight of your armor + any weapons, shields or casting foci
Carry Capacity Multipliers are things like Havels Ring (1.5) or Ring of Favor (1.2) or Mask of the Father (1.05), multiplied together, so all 3 would be 1.89

So in your case, the result assuming you are using both rings and wanting a fast roll would be;
Endurance = (((39*4)*(1-(1.8-1)/1.8))-40)
So 47 Endurance
If you are ok with a medium roll you can change the "(Equipment Weight*4)" portion of the equation to "(Equipment Weight*2)", or to "(Equipment Weight)" for fat rolls.
Hot damn this comment section doesn't allow for any kind of formatting. The answer is 47 Endurance for a fast roll if you wear both equip load rings.
Dude asked for how much endurance he needs and gets a class 13 math test. Welcome to Jrpgs bois
This is all wrong. You start fat rolling at 70% and up weight and you roll quickly when you are under 30% weight then 70% and down to 30% is mid rolling.
Your thinking of ds2 and ds3. Ds1 and demons souls have and still are as described above.
You're not very bright, are you?
it is 25% for a fast roll
Good job calling others with sound logic dumb when your own is false



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that row of comments lol xD