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By Anonymous
Best PvP weapon. I've made people alt+F4 in the middle of a backstab.
By Relinquished0017743
thats probably due to backstabs in ds1 just vacuuming people in, not that its because of the weapon you used...
By Anonymous
- nooooo you cant use this sword its too good at the beggining trash weapon
- haha wyvern tail go swooosh
By Anonymous
Hate this Meme.
Hate you too.
Pls stop
By Anonymous
Haha Salty reply go boohoo
By Anonymous
Haha stupid meme Go brrrr
By Anonymous
And people say alchemy is bs. When this weapon creates salt from thin air.
By Anonymous
When DS1 came out we thought we were so clever to find this sword. It lets you cheese the burg sure, but the burg is so easy it is much more effective to use a starter weapon and actually git gud early rather than being flattened later on
By Anonymous
They hated him because he told the truth
By Anonymous
Bruh I killed the Dragon and it didn't drop, what else do i do to try and get it?
By Anonymous
cut it's tail

you can fire arrows or attack it when he lands on the bridge
By Anonymous
If you defeat the Dragon without cutting off its tail then you don't get another chance till the next playthrough. Same with most other boss tail weapons. (Of course, if you managed to kill Hellkite Dragon then you probably don't need this weapon.)
By Anonymous
u have to go under the bridge before reachin the poison rats and shoot the tail from under the bridge with arrows,i even did it with the cheapest arrows,havnt used the sword yet ,dnt know if i will but i like collecting stuff
By Anonymous
You have to walk off the ledge under the dragon
By Anonymous
cut wyvern tail under the bridge using Bow without fighting him face to face
By Anonymous
Noob Cannon
By Anonymous
Lets be honest anyone who thinks this sword is bad is **** at the game for not knowing a thing about scaling, this sword is easy to get (if you do it the right way not the arrows way) and its just free easy dmg just sitting there and doesnt require much leveling to use, its good for anyone whos making a pvp character and is rushing through the game to get stuff for his build or on a character who doesnt have enough points on str or dex yet to use a reliable weapon
By Anonymous
Is that why I haven't seen it used in 3 years of pvp? I would downvote, but there's no chance you're not trolling.
By Anonymous
Learn to read, they said its good to rush through the game to get equpiment for your pvp build, not that its good for pvp.
By Anonymous
the dragon killed himself and i didnt get any sword lol
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
How did that happen?
By Anonymous
If you simply can't find him after aggro-ing him, and he flies off never to be seen again, you just need to go to an area that you've never been to before, let that map load, and then return. He should reappear from the sky if he isn't actually "dead". Happened to me and I was super upset until I found this fix.
By Anonymous
it's a shame that this weapon sucks ,because it's actually really cool
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By SlaveKnightKos
Far too many a weapon have gone down this same road
By Anonymous
100% agree. So many weapons in the game are cool but just really bad
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