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By Anonymous
Noob traaaaaaaaaaaaap
By Anonymous
wait no scaling?? btw why everyone who does guide on dark souls use this weapon and fang boar helm
By Anonymous
They use this because it is easy to get early game and deals a lot of damage early game as well
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By Erick_of_Astora
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Rating weapons based on look:
Weird but also super cool looking
By Anonymous
No it looks like ****
By Anonymous
It looks like dried sh*t
By Anonymous
Great Lore. 10/10
By Anonymous
If you are new to Dark Souls you should definitively use this great Weapon for your entire playtrough. There are some weapons, that are good at first, but later lose their usefulness, wasting your upgrade Materials and forcing you to learn a new weapon. This weapon however will remain useful for the entire game, so you should max it out as soon as possible and get used to its playstyle.
By Anonymous
no, because it doesn't use the scale
By Anonymous
It's good until around anor londo. Then it's time to change.
By Anonymous
No! You are just casuls! Unlike other weapons the Drake Sword will be super useful from the very Start until NG+6 on all builds regardless of the SL. You need to git gud!
By Anonymous
please shut up
By Anonymous
No! I need to make sure, new players get the best possible gaming experience by specialising on this weapon.
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By GreySkale45
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What most people don't know is that Drake Sword actually DOES have scaling! In fact, it scales with the best stat in the game: Resistance! If you've got the Drake Sword and 99 Resistance, you can make O&S a complete JOKE!
By Anonymous
The Drake Sword is a blessing for my first playthrough since I already know a lot about DS1, but lack practice. With this I can level mostly vitality and endurance so I have room for errors while still dealing good damage in the early game, helpful for practicing combat.
By Anonymous
I hate you
By Anonymous
Top OP: U suck
By Anonymous
Ive never gotten this weapon, didnt even know you could get it. Then again i always ignore the drake, and always have a black knight sword or a gravelord sword in my playthroughs (if im not doing dex)
By Anonymous
While this was definitely intended as a noob bait weapon, in the hands of good player it can be very useful in the early levels of the game. After Parrish is generally when one should move on from it
By Anonymous
In my experience it can be viable until Sen's Fortress but one should have an alternative weapon with better reach and less side-swings (f.e. the halberd) to beat Capra.
By Anonymous
A friend spoilered me, telling me how to get it... so i did and used it all the way until Kiln of the first flame where i got access to the black knight gear.

I am a little sad about how this changed my game experience as i never really went into upgrading any other weapons...
I did upgrade it to +5 and liked it but after switching i have to say that it gets outscaled hard.

I only switched once for the crystal Halberd at O&S , the increased range made the fight much easier.

By Anonymous
I used this sword all the way until Andor Londo. At that stage I moved to the furysword. My favourite first time strategy, as I hate switching weapons. The only time I have a secondary was for catacombs with a divine scaled claymore. Otherwish the furysword got me through the game.
By Anonymous
Why people hate this weapon? It's perfectly suitable weapon for early game dealing 200 damage.
To reach 200 damage with Uchigatana, you'd need +5 upgrade and 26 DEX, or +10 upg. and 14 DEX (+6 requires Large Ember in Depths, behind Capra Demon).
Personally I find this a great weapon for Parish and Depths, it allows me to put some levels into Vitality and Endurance early.

Maybe it's the sloooow cheesing with bow people hate?
There's no need for that, you can get the tail reliably with Gold Resin and fast weapon (Axe, Uchi and many other works).
1) Run from the bonfire up the ladder, below the bridge, choose equip to get below 25% equip load
2) Go up the stairs and around wooden railing to the safe corner (take a little bit wide angle so Wyvern sends fire and burns the mobs)
3) Move a bit to the side, stand just behind the corner, apply Resin and wait
4) After ~20s Wyvern jumps down on the bridge (if it sends fire instead, you're too close to the center of bridge)
5) Run (no sprinting!) to the tail along the side of the bridge, straight
6) Hit is 3 times: you'll get the tail
7) Go to the bonfire at Sunlight Altar (fire can hit you once, you should survive that if you're close to the side of the bridge)

Works every time :-)
By Anonymous
The reason people hate this is the fact that it doesn't scale with any stats, so it gets beaten in damage pretty quickly, provided you have the right stats. while it is certainly one of the best early game weapons, it simply loses its value way too quickly compared to other weapons that scale and can be upgraded past five levels.
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