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Yes, it sucks, but it looks cool.
By Anonymous
Great early game weapon, especially because this weapon not upgraded will do similar damage to most +5 weapons, (excluding things like zwi and other huge weapons). If you don't want to level dex to use a bow, just aim with a bow or binoculars and then switch to crossbow and fire away. Always worth getting to cruise through early part of the game.
By Anonymous
It sucks, even a literal BROKEN SWORD can be better
By Anonymous
Drake the typa guy to cut off the Hellkite Wyvern tail.
By Anonymous
Purely newbie weapon for casuals.

It has only one good side and it's high basic damage with only 16 str required. Otherwise this weapon is trash good only for selling to Frampt or getting achiev.

When you play DS1 first time and you'll read how to get this you will be amazed how much damage it deals compared to other +0 weapons you have.

But later when you already know how the game works you will probably never use this again on any character since you'll know how to get much better weapon at start.
By Anonymous
I love this weapon and it's the first one I grab on every single new play through. I use it until my chosen weapon catches up with it in damage, and then swap. This is an amazing sword for beginners and vets alike, don't let the elites scare you away from trying it out.
By Anonymous
Purely trash opinion for tryhards.
By Anonymous
Yes, it is a trash weapon for casuls, but it does the Job in undead burg
By Anonymous
it's a fantastic early game weapon, you sweaty weirdos
By Anonymous
I hate this weapon.
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The "I don't understand the game but I still want to play it" weapon.
Or EZ Mode.
By Anonymous
It tricks you into ez mode but you hit a wall real fast.
By Anonymous
somebody takes a video game too srsly
By Anonymous
Its useful till the capra demon
By Anonymous
Broken straight sword= EZ game
By Anonymous
What are you talking about? After Capra it hits a 90° wall
By Anonymous
I think if you light the sunlight altar bonfire, the hellkite wyvern will disappear and you have to get this in ng+
By Anonymous
Not really, the hellkite wyvern returns if you try to cross the bridge again. Sometimes happens, sometimes not, so I'm not sure what triggers it's return
By Anonymous
If you reload the game, it will dive the bridge, but the area needs to be reloaded
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cool weapon
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I'm in the endgame and this is still my primary weapon.

I use it with one or with both hands, depending on situation.
(I am often switching during the same fight -- 'offensive with two hands' or 'defensive with one hand plus shield'.)

I am very agile and quick with it and I yield a high ratio of 'damage per second'.
It has a good range and a "round up" movement set on *one hand heavy attack*.
Its a mercyless slasher with *two hand light attack*.

I have more endurance than health points (31 vs 34), so I can land at least 5 swings in a row without exhausting)

All regular enemies are down after a 'one hit', inkl. bigger standard enemies.
Sentinels in Darkroot Garden take 4 hits and those in Anor Londo take 5 hits.

So I am done with all of them in an instant and mostly without taking any damage myself.

I just finished boss fight "4 Kings" on my very first attempt.

I don't think its true, that this sword is only for the early game.
I intent to use it for the whole run.

Its great together with pyromancy.
I have a devine uchigatana as a second weapon, but it is definitely weaker (+10, dex 32, fth 16).
By Anonymous
Same poster as above:

I forget to mention that this sword is breaking most shield guards on regular enemies (two handed).
So its an additional advantage of this sword.

Changing between one and two handed use comes very natural after a short of time.
I dont see that often in walk throughs on youtube/twitch.
In my eyes its very effective and efficient.

btw: I use the grass crest shield as a standard, so I always benefit from its buff for a faster regenration of endurance.
By Anonymous
It's not that it's a bad weapon, it's that there are heaps of better weapons.
A divine uchi at faith 16 won't do much. And with a C scaling, it's a poor choice unless you want to be a holy samurai.
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By Anonymous
OP ist a Bad Person and I hatte him
By Anonymous
Message to OP: Go Back to fortnite
By Anonymous
Easily obtained, and easily the best early game weapon.
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