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Can it be buffed via Magic?
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beat the entire game with this and its exactly how good I expected it to be. it is super viable and very far from the trash bin.
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Go back to fortnite
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After gaping it falls off.
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Fextralife commenter logic: If it's a fun unique weapon that is strong early, but not amazing later on in the game rather than being a boring generic meta weapon, It sucks *** and you're a filthy noob for using it, this weapon isn't even that bad it falls off later on sure, but like most weapons in this game it's well capable of getting you through most of the game, as usual you all flood the comment section with your metagame stigma whining instead of just letting people use what they enjoy or commenting actually useful information, you people really need to get some hobbies other than being a bunch of meta-chasing whiny jackasses.
By Anonymous
Yes, you are a filthy noob for using it.
By Anonymous
Anon 1, well by that logic you're one of the very people who I'm talking about when I say "meta-chasing whiny jackasses", calling someone a noob over their choice of weapon just because they enjoy using it is absolutely douchebag logic.
By Anonymous
Calling someone a meta chasing jackass just because they don't Like thrash casuls is absolutely douchebag logic
By Anonymous
Calling someone a trash Casual over their choice of weapon is absolutely douchebag logic
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This weapon sucks.
By Anonymous
Man, how about you stop shoving your opinions down other people's throats? You've already made the exact same comment twice
By Anonymous
Your take is what sucks here pal.
By Anonymous
Drake the type o guy to beat the game with a Drake Sword +5
By Anonymous
Child mask ? Checked.
Black Knight Shield ? Checked.
Drake Sword ? Of course, checked.
Truly the perfect tryhard kit for helping peoples in the undead and parish burg.
By Anonymous
When that Hotline Bling
By Anonymous
downvoter likes dex
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Wouldn't say this weapon sucks at all despite what alot of people say, it's an extremely powerful weapon in the early game, it can do roughly just as much damage as +5 weapons when unupgraded, and is easily one of the strongest early game weapons, it's not as good later on due to its lack of scaling, but it's far from bad
By Anonymous
Besides, 300 ar un-split between damage types from a light/quick sword with minimum Stat investment required is nothing to sneeze at.

Good for min-max/low level magic builds as it opens up levels for Stat dumping.
By Anonymous
It sucks. Deal with it.
By Anonymous
It is for the trash can.
By Anonymous
Anon 1 and 2, I'm struggling to find who asked you absolute ****, your takes are for the trash can more like
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By DKScammies
drake holding drake sword in valley of drakes
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