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By Anonymous
Noobs:bought arrows and bow and cut dragons tail for sword
Me:killed black knight with 8 humanities and get the sword then on shot the Taurus demon
By Anonymous
Well, it is a decent early game weapon. use it for an area or two and chuck it aside for a better one
By Anonymous
the drake sword is good until sen's funhouse it does jack **** against iron golem
By Anonymous
Everybody experienced says “Waaaa Drake Swrod bad git gud use something else!” Like ***** don’t act like you didn’t do the same thing in your first playthrough knowing about this weapon
By Anonymous
lmao whoever disliked is clearly butthurt
By Sakerift
No, actually. I use BK Sword usually because 2 out of 3 characters got it from the first guy.
By Sakerift
Though, honestly, Gargoyle Halberd is better than Drake Sword. Has scaling, can be enhanced either with a spell or making it Chaos infused, gives more valuable resistances including toxic res. Better reach too. Though if you plan on using a Chaos build as my current character, it is probably gonna last until that point.
By Anonymous
I used the zweihander my first playthrough and as someone else said someone must be butt hurt
By Anonymous
anyone think this weapon would be viable for a SL1 build so i don't have to kill the giant blacksmith?
By Anonymous
No, this might be the worst weapon for sl1 considering the effort required to get and upgrade it. if you don't want to kill the giant black smith then use a lightning renforced club. if you want a pure physical weapon then one of the ghost blades should be good;
By Anonymous
regardless of how good or bad it is you literally dont meet the requirements at sl1 lol
By Anonymous
whats the multiplier thing?
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By SlaveKnightKos
For early pvp (say roughly level 10 in parish) would this out class the Claymore +5, or even Raw of Fire claymore, because they have the same requirements. Doesn't really matter to me, I will probably end up using both.
By Anonymous
Since its a Claymore, I’d say yes if you know how to wield greatswords effectively. Otherwise, you’d probably do better to just stick to it until you get a broadsword to, at the very least, +4. The damage will increase more and it can be imbued with different upgrade paths.
By Anonymous
I have a lvl 60 invasion build and invaded somebody in painted world. How the heck are you gonna be within my level range and be wielding this sword as your primary weapon?? Unless the dude was doing some kind of special challenge I have no idea. I basically spent 5 minutes toying with him running around him and throwing poop, he jabbed me a few times, didn't even block and it barely nicked my health so I don't even think it was even upgraded.
By Anonymous
you can oneshot the tail with lightning spear
By Anonymous
Can u buff this weapon with sorcery/miracle?
By Anonymous
If you see someone with this, you know they are guide reader and let them know that them know that they should be ashamed of themselves for reading a guide for a video game
By Anonymous
i use this cause i shot the drake 150 with arrows and still didn't die so i didn't get the drake sword. Then i buffed it 5 times. But yea people watch guides to come up with the idea to use this weapon
By Anonymous
Bruh, you're literally on a wiki. What are you talking about?
By Anonymous
It doesn’t take a guide to see a tail hanging off the ledge and shooting it to try to cheese the drake. If you see someone saying it does, you know they are an idiot and let them know that them know that they should be ashamed of themselves for being so stupid.
By Anonymous
I was afraid to attack head-on so I just shot the tail. I only looked this up after it popped up on my screen.
By Anonymous
Hey I may read guides, but I just like the name
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