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From what I have seen through videos on YouTube the Drake Sword has a special attack when you two hand it and press RT (Xbox), but it doesn't seem to work properly for me because when I do that my character does the animation and the attack seems to shoot into the sky rather than straight ahead, is there something I'm missing or is it some sort of bug in the game?
Do you meet the Strength requirement to wield? If so, it should work as long as it has enough Durability left. I'm playing on PC and have not had that issue.
yea, the same thing happens to me. I think it depends on what class you use
same. cant figure it out. such bs



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if the problem is you dont see any shockwave its because you dont have the right stat requirements or its durability is zero but I know that the shock wave thing will travel up walls so if you literally see it do a shock wave but not going straight ahead then i dont *****ing know fam ive never seen or heard of that though
I'm gonna max this weapon out, give it to my Soul Level 9 character and PvP with it. Just for fun.
I shot the drake about 50 times to get the sword, and I got the message saying I got the sword. But it's not in my inventory. I don't know what to do
I had your pb one time. It took me about 2years to figure out what to do. Maybe it will work for you to: git gud.
Anonymous 07 jun: lol
Whilst I wait to get my primary weapon for my build (Queelag Furysword) I can use this instead
Anyone knows how to make some really good spaghettis?
yeet. suq on ma meatballs for some good sauce
I make my red spaghetti sauce creamy by adding a bit of butter and milk then top it all off with some parmesan and melted mozzarella.
Add some sliced meatballs to the spaghetti. Cut the meatballs with a Drake Sword and dip them in Gold Pine Resin.
This helped me so much!
can you backstab hollows with the Drake Sword?
Because backstabbing worked just fine for me wielding a Winged Spear +7 or a diine Longsword but with this weapon I just can't get backstabs on regular enemies, even in a perfect angle
Yes you can
Must not be prefect angle
Um... why can't I use a Gold Pine Resin on this sword?
Gold pine resin doesn’t work on magic swords
Most Dragon and Unique weapons cannot be enchanted by Pine Resins or Ascended at blacksmiths. The Drake Sword is a Dragon Weapon, so it cannot be used with a Pine Resin. It would be a broken weapon if it could. It would basically two shot each of the Bell Gargoyles. Honestly, you're better off with the Uchigatana or Longsword.
That's inaccurate to say unique weapons can't b buffed as obsidian greatsword is a buff able dragon weapon. This particular weapon can't b buffed however.



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@anon 13 Jul Notice he said "most dragon/unique weapons, not all. read first dumbass.
Wait, I just shooted some arrows, and it just vanish. What the hell happened?
What the hellkite happened?