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***** is scary...
most of those notes & trivia aren't relevant here
Who's the girl on the floor after the fight?
That’s what I want to know cause all I get out of her is sobs and crying
Dusk of Oolacile
Her name is Dusk and she is after the hydra in darkroot basin is the golden golem. You can summon her as a merchant. Her summon sign will be on beach
hey but at least you saved Sif :D
Can be cheesed with Pharis Bow and Feather arrows before entering boss arena. And before you ask... Yes, I am a filthy casual.
how to get pharis bow?
Uhhhh.. Kill Pharis..
to anonymous #1 one of the "human" enemies in the non-dlc forest, specifically the bow user.
also, can confirm this works in scorched contract mod...not so much...can't do enough elemental damage and phys damage is HEAVILY nerfed/outright negated depending on which release version you are playing, you can still knock off a chunk before the fight, but even before obtaining a single lord soul it's not possible to win without entering even at 50/50/50 str dex int and with the magic arrows and magic infused bow...honestly he's not *that* hard even with the adds but I had to experiment for science or something like that, after I softlocked my first run at don't leave him for last, the centipede demon + fire sage combo makes him almost literally impossible without accounting for everything else piled on you by that point...
"Hey why we dont put another pitch dark zone i think ppl will like it just like tomb of the giants"
to give the vibe that the abyss is spreading
Chasm is million times better than tomb of giants
Sif is a female wolf. You save HER.
That's not canon
Isn't Sif a feminine given name, though?
I like to think that sif is female too. But just because sif is the name of a female goddess doesn't mean anything. Ciaran is a male name. Gwyn is a female name. The typical gender of a name doesn't matter. The discription of sif should always be the neutral "they"
How do you get up to the sorceress?
NVM, found it immediately after posting this.
you can get a thing called a Silver Pendant which is used to deflect Dark Magic, you get the Silver Pendant from an Illusory Wall which is opened from a light source such as the Skull Lantern
Take my weird *** shield puppy Sif. It will protect you from...urban violence.