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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Can you have 3 player instead of 4
Not unless one person chosen to leave
Looking for matches on 360/ Xbox backwards compatible. GT is wolf the taken. Please message me first
would actually love to battle aswell but its kinda dead
Gt the wolf the take
I'll battle you on backwards compat
If you're on Xbox and looking for an opponent, my gamertag is LieutenantFox64. Send me a message on xbox live and let's fight
I’m down
In the base game I think from undead burg you can fall into this arena
Dumb I have to reverse hollowing to participate? Can I be hollow? I have a dumb idea I wanna try
it doesnt matter if your hollow
i just read about this being a pedo ring somewhere in a dark souls iceberg....... that has to be a joke wtf?
I have a theory that this place was used to train Silver Knights before the Abyss took over Oolacile.
Why stoicism?
Because our characters are emotionless warriors who take on hardship without complainingand thus are stoics
“Without complaining” lmao I *****ed about this game like a casual when I first started. Now it’s my favorite game of all time, possibly