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By Anonymous
This game blows- Bernie
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
your mom blows
By Anonymous
Says you ***
By Anonymous
Cannot wait for this game come out- Jared
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Why does my weapon have an x next to it??
By Anonymous
you dont meet one of the requirements maybe
By Anonymous
how much of a noob are you
the X means you cant F***ing wield it
By Anonymous
listen to the pro
By Anonymous
Why I have a *****ster in my back?
By Anonymous
You need to go to qaulags domain go down the stairswhere you ring the bell of awakening and the hit the wall go say yes to Whats his face and the. Buy eggs from hom.
By Anonymous
I am totally new to Dark Souls, DS3 is the first I have ever played but for some reason, I got Astora's Straight Sword from somewhere else, I don't remember where but it was shortly after I got my first Broadsword on the wall before the second main boss on the wall.
By Anonymous
Maybe you would have better luck on the right wiki.
By Anonymous
u get astoras ss from the undead dragon in valley of the drakes
By Anonymous
falta la alabarda de cristal
By Anonymous
La Alabarda de Cristal no es un arma en si, es una Alabarda imbuida en Cristal
By Anonymous
Sabes que esta es la seccion de Espadas Rectas verdad?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the sound of an unga bunga great club main
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
your so cool!!
By PlatinumCore16
I liked the tab style, but it is really nice to see them all laid out like this! Great job.
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