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By Anonymous
this fight would last 2 minutes if Ornstein couldn't hit you through Smough
By Anonymous
BEHOLD! Possibly the only duo (multiple) boss fight in any souls game that doesn't suck balls!
By Anonymous
nah this sucks too

its near impossible to get them separated, if you try to fight smough first ornstein just flies at you from nowhere or just hits you through smough. try to fight ornstein and smough just wrecks you with his hammer from nowhere. theres no good way to see what the other is doing, really, so you just get smacked from behind a lot.

imo crucible knight ordovis is the only duo ive done that i dont hate, cus they actually tend to take turns. if o and s were done with more modern mechanics theyd be so much more bearable
By Anonymous
it suck tho
By Anonymous
do they bleed?
By Anonymous
I know i'm going to get a lot of hate but this fight is really overrated, the fight is not that hard as people say ( though i played BB,Ds2,Ds3,Demon souls, and ER before this game) and there are better duo fights out there.
By Anonymous
crucible knight ordovis clears
By Anonymous
ds2 *** runback
By Anonymous
impossible to win solo without spending a week straight playing the f%$@!ng game... always try summoning.
By Anonymous
git good
By Anonymous
I mean I just did it on my first attempt and I'm a complete sh1tter but ok.
By Anonymous
Pretty easy solo beat it after a few tries. use the broken pillars. Gives you plenty of buffer space and protection. Super Ornstein was an easy win, used crossbow/ranged attack from behind cover while he spammed innefective lightning bolts
By Anonymous
I always save him for last to have some one on one time with this f#. Because f# his broken gliding stab attack where he gets stuck on either a pillar or Smough. He can cancel out of the dash when obstructed and then turn towards you and instantly dash again. Why this is so f#ed up is because Smough can do his own thing and you need to react to Ornstein's delayed dash as well. This resulting in dodging Smough's attack and getting hit by Ornstein's dash when your roll ends or vice versa. I can deal with it most of the times this happens, but sometimes this BS can't be safely avoided.
By Anonymous
worst boss fight in ds1
By Anonymous
hot take: these guys are overrated. for a mid game boss theyre the hardest boss in the game for some reason. also both phase 2s are literally just "lets make the living guy instantly kill you and become big." theyre still probably one of the better ds1 fights and certainly one of the better duo fights.
By Anonymous
This boss is enjoyable if and only if you focus ornstein first, the other way around is complete misery the entire way through.
By Anonymous
Idk, I had a good time with it on my first time where I focused Smough first, it was really difficult sure, but I enjoyed it, and I find Super Ornstein is a better phase 2 than Super Smough
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