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By Anonymous
Well damn... I can't believe it.
I just soloed super Hornystein on the first try at 90% load with Havel set and +10 Halberd

My advice: Make sure you've got enough Estus, and by god... guard, strafe and strafe!
By Anonymous
O&S? More like S&M lmaooo
By Anonymous
Solaire's help + BK +5 sword = Super Ornsein kill at 3rd try
By Anonymous
Is this supposed to be the most frustrating boss in any Dark Souls and Demons souls I've played? I'm losing it...
By Anonymous
Uhhh, I guess
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By Black Iron Tarkus
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I had never beaten this boss without Solaire and was on NG+. When I first stepped into the boss room the first thing I did was run away and fear for my life. I died and only got a SINGLE hit into Ornstein. The second time I just completely ignored him and started to kill Smough. I beat that fight in two minutes. The moral of the story is, just don't be a *****. Just look at ME, I'm IRON TARKUS. (This supportive statement has not been evaluated by NG+7.)
By Anonymous
I know souls incels are gonna get butthurt but fact is: this fight sucks d%ck. Besides the usual garbage camera typical of From games, it sucks that the fatty bastard covers the entire screen, so I can't see what his buttbuddy is doing next, attacks go through each other, making it impossible to react too, you'll get stunned by one and finished by the other, and they love to sidestep after most attacks so goodbye opening..

Have beaten them several times before but playing at base level now (lv 6 deprived) really makes the BS stick out like a sore thumb.
By Anonymous
mad cause bad lol
By Anonymous
Looks like Darksydephil decided to post on the wiki lol
By Anonymous
The moment you classified anyone who disagrees with you as an "incel" you lost all credibility
By Anonymous
So because you’re doing a deprived run and getting wrecked you’re gonna blame everything from the game mechanics to fight programming instead of admitting you’re not ready for a depraved run
By Anonymous
I wish the entire fight wasn’t running away other than that great boss
By Anonymous
Yeah, this fight is definitely gonna be the biggest challenge for me to overcome. I’ve played through 3 so many times as well as Bloodborne, so I’m good at dealing with the difficulty of these games, but damn, this difficulty is no lie. I always feared my eventual fight with these two, and the pain of making it through Anor Londo in the first place was already driving me crazy. Up until now, the only bosses that gave me a lot of trouble were the Capra Demon and Gaping Dragon, but I managed to learn how to beat them and pressed on. This fight though…I know I’m gonna be stuck here for a while. I can kill Smough quickly with my lightning spear, but super Ornstein is always able to kick my ***. I’m unsure how the hell I’ll be able to beat this, because I feel underleveled and lacking enough damage output to make it through phase 2. I may try summoning Solaire if I really have to, but my humanity is limited. All I can do is keep trying though. If anyone can give me some extra tips, I’d really appreciate it.
By Anonymous
Here’s a tip: Git Gud.
By Anonymous
Fatty ahead, so to speak try lion
By Anonymous
Yeah, maybe I just suck, or maybe I had the difficulty of this fight overexaggerated to me. But I didn't find this fight to be any more difficult than Quellag (yeah, I died a few times, but this is dark souls) am I crazy?
By Anonymous
I've been flattened under Smough's gargantuan asscheeks more times than I care to count.
By Anonymous
And we've enjoyed being smashed but that *** every single second
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