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By Anonymous
this boss got too much hp and defense , this one of the longest if not the longest fight in the game and this is a first mid game boss..... it was also the case for queelag and the iron golem also i think than he hit a bit too hard , their are many unfair thing with the hitbox , hit detection and colision during this fight but the main problem than i have is than to play agressively during this fight you'lle need many many attemps because this boss don't allow you to create oppening easily
By Anonymous
Ornstein going into phase 2: "I will avenge you my fallen comrade by absorbing your power to defeat this foe" VS Smough going into phase 2: "HAHA FREE GOLD PINE RESIN GO CRUNCH"
By Anonymous
Super Ornstein is kicking my ***, I simply cannot get close enough to him to melee him before he jumps backwards away from me, and trying to heavy crossbow him results in me being murdered during the reload
By Anonymous
soul level 70 (got carried away in the painted world).
25 for both vitality and endurance and 40 for dexterity.
+10 great scythe.
grass crest shield.
black iron set but with the mother's mask.
havel's ring.
physical defense ring.
i think i went overboard preparing for this fight, i will try to approach it differently in my next playthrough.
By Anonymous
I killed a baby mushroom
By Anonymous
I killed a baby skeleton
By Anonymous
I killed a baby
By Anonymous
It wasn't a baby yet, dad
By Anonymous
Do Eingyi's parasites count?
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By MatinArtorias
I was in a full giant set(without the helm of course) when fighting them,and my chaos zweihander was on my shoulder. I just killed onrstein in roughly 5 hits and for phase 2 just r2 when smough wanted to do anything,and it poisebroke him. I will be heavily downvoted but I first tried them
By Anonymous
Doesn't matter to me, but reckon most of your downvotes will be coming from the fact that you obviously looked things up beforehand, not that you beat them first try.
By Anonymous
Ornstein's buggy heat seeking missile lunge is one of the scariest **** I've seen in these games, and yet I actually love it when he does that because it's one of the easiest ways of getting him far from big boi Smough.
By Anonymous
Oh nice an opening, let me get a swing in at Smou - AND IT'S ORNSTEIN FROM OFFSCREEN WITH THE CHAIR
By Anonymous
I died while successfully killing Ornstein with the residual from the chaos flame and it didn't give me the Leo ring :(
By Anonymous
Imo, absolutely baller fight. I simp for Ornstein.
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