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By Anonymous
Yo if ds1 bosses were in their prime we would be ****ing screwed out of our minds
By Anonymous
mod boss idea. not a good one tho. the four oknights of qyn all in o and s's boss arena we're talking artorias, ornstein, ciaran, and gough. second phase gwyn shows up but is actually a good boss
By Anonymous
My brother in christ are you okay?
By Anonymous
wh y not miyazaki said while snorting repair powder and charchoal pine resin
By Anonymous
biggie and smalls
By Anonymous
fatboy and slim
By Anonymous
I don't know why but I found this fight easy to beat both times (I'm playing on my switch and pc, both of which are my first time playing the game). I've always heard so much about these guys and was terrified of the fight, but I beat them first time on both of my playthroughs... I do have a Dark Knight Sword, but I don't believe I had upgraded it at all at this point (I'm new, so the whole upgrade system was really daunting to me lol, but I've figured it out since then). Also, Ornstein is way easier than Smough. Sure, he has increased range... but that's why you just hug right next to his right leg lol. And when Ornstein does his jump aoe attack, the aoe is was smaller than smough's...
By Anonymous
Am I the only one who thought Super Ornstein was easier than Super Smough? Smough is slower, but he hits harder and his attacks take up so much real estate it’s very hard to get out of the way of them even if you see them coming. Ornstein’s attacks generally could be avoided if you stay between his legs.
By Anonymous
Yeah same here, first time i beat them i beat super ornstein. Was surprised to see later that the community consensus is that super smough is easier.
By Anonymous
I simply don’t understand how this fight is praised. Seems delusional
By Anonymous
Just Git Gud, it's one of the best fights in the entire Souls series, mad cause bad bozo
By Anonymous
Because it's cool.
By Anonymous
classic souls fan, deflecting any issues anyone has with "git gud lol"
By Anonymous
I find the design of the bosses majestic (big guy’s laugh in particular), the way their characters suit each other and the whole golden Anor Londo theme in general. For me, if the opening cutscene for the boss makes me fear what’s coming next second, it’s almost a guaranteed memorable fight
By Anonymous
It's not for everyone, but a lot of people (myself included) love the challenge of a boss fight with multiple opponents at once. It's a thing I love in Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, Metroid Dread, and even Monster Hunter (Pre-World anyway, they changed how that works).

It appeals to many but I can understand it can be daunting and/or frustrating to others.
By tapmcshoe
this boss has given me more trouble than literally any other from boss lmao. definitely putting me through the grinder, still haven't beaten after about five hours straight
By Anonymous
i do believe that ornstein is an illusion. the real one went to confront the firstborn and the illusion was left with the originals memories alongside smough. the illusion thinks its the real ornstein, thus why they get so upset if you kill smough first, but smough knows of the illusion and sees the fake ornstein as nothing, explaining why he simply crushes him to obtain his power if he dies first
By Anonymous
This boss has so much more depth that any other fight in the game. One of the highlights of the game IMO!
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