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I can’t read the words “buttslam” and not laugh
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smough bleeds easily, super ornstein can bleed too, but it takes ~5 hits, and bleeds out around 20% only
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By Anonymous
Beated them on my first attempt, cool fight but it must be hell without solaire.
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Worst f***ing boss in the f***ing series!!! This s***ty fight ruins the f***ing s***ty-a** game!!! Elden Ring is better!!!
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this is basically the godskin duo lol
By Anonymous
Damn bro chill its just a boss, plus its not like you cant fight it alone AND unlike the godskin duo they arent chucking your *** with flames and the fat man rolling non-stop. Hell why did ya even comment it when you know that it was gonna be hard just summon solaire or some randos to help ya it aint that bad.
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Super Ornstein is actually not that hard to defeat - it's just that his attacks deal massive damages and he has a good defense too. Patience is critical. While my lightning spears destroyed Smough, they were just tickles to Super Ornstein. As always in DS, stamina is key. You need to be able to be super mobile and a dodge master.
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I'm sad because I didn't take enough time with this fight that everyone likes. Summoned Solaire in the previous room not realizing this was the fight coming up, and then couldn't use the bonfire so I decided go on through the mist gate. Melted Ornstein with pyromancy and then dealt with Smough with basic melee while Solaire ran interference. Killed them on the first try using only 4 estus flasks; I was likely over leveled. Maybe I'll approach it differently in NG+!
By Anonymous
Summons always come before boss rooms, how could you summon him without knowing? I also summoned him and ended up regretting it though, between them being so distracted wailing on Solaire and giving me free hits and my Black Knight Halberd +3 it took about 5 hits to kill Ornstein. Super Smough killed Solaire pretty quickly but wasn't that hard 1v1, his attacks are all pretty easy to dodge so the biggest challenge was getting close enough to get hits in. When I did manage to hit him I was doing enough damage that it still ended pretty quickly, and only afterwards did the regret set in with how everyone always hypes this fight up and how I practically cheesed the encounter without realizing it. I wanna do this the right way on NG+, it doesn't feel right that I had more trouble with Gaping Dragon than with this fight.
By Anonymous
Bruh I just beat o&s first go, no healing, getting there was hard part with the royal gankers
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