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Summoned Solaire after clearing the room, assassinated Smough quickly with Demon Spear +4, used poison mist, applied poison to crystal halberd, chucked a poison throwing knife, proceeded to thrash Ornstein for all his offenses. Equipped Chloranthy Ring, Dark Wood Grain Ring, SL 71
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Praise the sun
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if you kill one, but get defeated by other in his super form, does the other stay dead?
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No. No he does not.
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Oh noooo. You restart the battle, with both opponents returned.
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Making my return to playing this game a bunch again, can't wait to see Pikachu and Snorlax again.
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Seriously, Ornstein is such a badass. Too bad they remove the cool hairpiece from the helm when you buy the armor, regardless of what game you play. I suppose the real Ornstein really did have long, flaming red hair.
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Thanks this helped me in my but in ng+ I defeated them with no problems
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If you intend to get the Leo ring and the Soul of Ornstein, in addition to following the tips above, I have a few more suggestions and tricks which worked for me today: 1. Smough cannot successfully hit you with his standard hammer smash while you are literally running into him. 2. If you can get Ornstein facing Smough and then loop behind Smough to attack the hammer-wielding maniac's backside it is possible to take Ornstein out of the picture for a while as he cannot attack you through Smough. 3. Since both bosses are bleedable (at least in their first form, I was unable to land enough attacks quickly enough during Ornstein's super form), if you possess a sufficiently dangerous bleed weapon (I used the Lifehunt Scythe and Bloodbite ring combo) you can whittle Smough's health down much faster.4. It is possible to hide behind a pillar, whether broken or not, and avoid or block most of Super Ornstein's attacks; giving time to heal. The exceptions are his jumping stab attacks and the electric slam attack which can both severely mess up any player without a good lightning-resistant sheild (mine was the Black Knight sheild) and the latter can usually one shot a player who is not blocking.Good luck to all who go after them.
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Having posted my Smough-first strategy already, I have decided to try and help further by posting a few tips for the other possible progression of the battle. Of course, as this is NG+, not all the points may apply to NG in quite the same way.1. Seperate Ornstein from Smough as fast as possible, or have a large quantity of ranged spells (fire works best): if Ornstein and Smough remain close together, it will obviously be extremely difficult to land hits on him from close-range without taking lifethreatening damage. One strategy mentioned on this page already is to keep a pillar between them or, as is sometimes more practical, the length of the room. This is achieved by forcing Ornstein into his long dash attack after which he can be safely hit between two and three times with a fast weapon.2. Heal just before the cutscene. This one may be obvious, but, if you forget, woe betide you.3. Unless you have a huge amount of health and very strong lightning protection, never allow yourself to stay below max health while intending or actually fighting at close quarters with Smough. If he uses his lightning slam while you are mid-attack, you can easily perish.4. Bleed Smough. If you have a strong bleed weapon, between three and four strong attacks in one combo should cause Smough to take bleed damage. This makes the fight far quicker, but increases the risk of a OHK courtesy of his slam attack.5. If you can take the risk, hug Smough's belly: most of his hammer attacks can't hit you there, just as in his first phase, and you can exploit this deal considerable damage quickly (see point #4), but make sure to be either fast enough to escape or tough enough to block/tank a possible slam.6. Pack on pyromancies. If you have giant fireball and fire tempest, you can take out a good third or fourth of his health without needing to risk staying up close and personal. For this battle, I was using the Ascended Flame +1 so it is likely possible to beat my health draining records. If Pyromancy isn't your thing, try the Abyss Spells from PtDE and the Manus Catalyst.Good luck to those who face the terrible two!...Praise the sun...
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When he impales you at a window (I was impaled at the first left window when entering) it may happen that you are outside of the room while his spear is in you and after that Ornstein himself gets out of the room falling to his instant death. I haven't found a way to loot his body for the ring afterwards
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