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For those having trouble with this boss I put down summon signs all the time use password “fextra” for a better chance of seeing me. My name is Swift Sean.
Sl lvl? Also Doing PvP?
Might need to contact you @ swanman777
Fun if you fight ornstein first but *** if you fight smough first. Super ornstein is less fun to fight and smough is less fun to fight in phase 1 as is he gets so many i frames from jumping,(Seriously, that annoys me so much),and also cuz he takes up like 90% of your screen. Doesn't help that ornstein can hit you through smough either.
I actually like Super Ornstein more tbh.
Stating the obvious but if you are allowing yourself to be summoned you need to follow the lead of the one you are helping. I just did a summons and also got Solaire - I went after the fat guy but Solaire and the other guy went after and killed Ornstein first. I want the Dragonslayer Spear so I exited and will try later.
sit down nerd
So. The leo ring only drops if your around for it. I (or rather, my summon) just killed Ornstein, after Smough, and died just before he did. I got his soul, but not the souls, or the ring. I have to wait till new game plus 2 in order to get it now. So, just be careful of that AoE attack he uses. It packs a wallop.
I beat them on my first ever attempt!!!!
I actually like Ornstein's cutscene more and I tend to kill Smough first.


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If you summon Solaire and you intent to kill Smough first, know that Solaire will usually take care of the boss you're not actually fighting. So if you're fighting Smough, Solaire will go after Ornstein. And you have to be real quick getting rid of him, because Solaire is extremely efficient and capable to kill Ornstein alone.
am i the only one that though they one one of the easiest fights in dark souls?
In a way they are. No ledges to fall off. :D
by yourself it is the hardest boss. maybe you would know if you stopped getting other people to kill them for u.
zweihander stunlocks 4 dayz
Looking for help, I can’t pass these guys for the life of me. My gamer tag is Hexbraveheart on the Xbox one but I’m playing the 360 version
Juggal0 Sc00by gt messege me if you still need help it said your gammer tag didt exist