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These two imbeciles makes me angry. No pleasetalking that lot, mindless buggers they are.
gIt gUd
Orn (Slumbering in ancient Lordrian)
-et ( Which is ancient Draconian power word, And means 'Bane'
-shin ( Real Name of Slumbering Dragon which means Reptilian)
-e ( The word "e" stands not alone but with the word "shyan" which comes from "Shin-e" which means The suns firstborn and its the true name of Nameless King God of Storm).
And the meaning of Ornstein is Shin (Slumbering Dragon) Shyan's Bane.
Which betrays the real origin and existence of Ornstein.
All dragons can take human form, because are Godly Creatures and here Shin took the form of Ornstein because he couldn't slay as a dragon the God Nameless King the slayer and tamer of all dragons, but he could deceive him and betray him the way you already know from ds1.
Cheers ;)
I am a lore-keeper and in depth professor of history and word examination, and i felt the need to explain you the truth.
Thats possibly the most ridiculous explanation i've ever heard.
These two are a nightmare to me, especially Smough, as I keep getting "Fun Trained" by him. Then when I do strike either one down, the other always kills me in less than a minute! But now I know what to do.
use the crystal Halberd it wrecks them
Holy **** great tip! Tried fighting them with my +10 claymore for a few times and couldnt even get one of them to 50% then i tried the crystal Helbard and got them on the first try with it THX
Toxic doesn't work on Ornstein. >.<
is there someone still playing this game? i need a bit of help with these two
Sure do you play on pc?
defeat ornstein first. thats honestly the only tip that matters in this fight
Yep but m currently trying to trivialise blight town
PlayStation 3?
PlayStation 3
I have the giant dad build so i killed ornstein easily with chaos zweihander and with well what is it!
40STR/18Dex +5 Black Knight Great Axe roll into two handed R1 was doing 620 per hit on fatty making it fairly quick to dispose of him. Every time he lifts the hammer roll into him and two hand R1 to win
Problem is that the two *****ers never separate from each other.
Kicked their *** after two days, this game is a masterpiece.