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By Anonymous
Hypothetically speaking. If we kill him and He drops his FAP Ring, how can He even drop it when it's supposed to break when taken off? I know i know. The easiest answer is "Game mechanics" but from a lore perspective? What do you think?
By Anonymous
Maybe it only breaks if naturally removed from the hand by it's current user
By Anonymous
Maybe you cut off HIS finger, then you cut off YOUR finger, and then you stitch HIS finger onto your hand
By Anonymous
fap ring

That's actually a really good question though
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By KnightLautrec
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WOAH, WOAH, Calm down buddy, no need to cut my fingers to find out.
By Anonymous
He's cool but I'm gonna need that firekeeper alive.
By Anonymous
This is my first playthrough, but the way he was talking, seemed like he wanted me to kill him.
By Anonymous
I murdered him for his ring and cause i thought he was evil. Feel bad now.
By Anonymous
You shouldn’t
By Anonymous
he IS evil
By Anonymous
Hey Lautrec that’s a nice cliff you’re sitting in front of, it would be a shame if someone… kicked you off of it
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If you quit out after talking to him (maybe punch him) at firelink, he ****s off to somewhere I don’t know
By Anonymous
Killing the gaping dragon will advance his dialogue so that you cannot get the tip about petrus and rhea. The sequence for this quest seems to be kill capra, go back to firelink to see rhea and company, wait until they leave, wait until just petrus returns, (all before picking up two fire keeper souls or ringing both bells) then you can get the tip, I find this to be the most obscure quest in the game, let me know if you agree.
By Anonymous
if you play age of sunlight mod it switches it to the gaping dragons defeat.
By Anonymous
Died to him in Firelink shrine because accidently hit him does anyone know where he shows up he vanished after I respawned
By Anonymous
Maybe wait for him to kill the fire keeper then invade him?
By Anonymous
Killed this guy because his name sounded french
By Anonymous
That alone makes it justified.
By Anonymous
sigma grindset
By Anonymous
Giga based comrade. I could slay a baguette rn too :\
By vndl9
Patches is a saint when Lautrec is around
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By Karla
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Lautrec. I ****ing love you dont get me wrong, your one of my favorite npcs….but i REALLY dont want to lose firelink bonfire
By Anonymous
Nah, i'll gladly lose Firelink bonfire, it only inconveniences you for Four Kings, otherwise, Undead Parish is good enough, hell, you can still warp to the bonfire, you just cannot sit at it...
when you don't have enough firekeeper souls to get the max +7 in a playthrough, i'll gladly take this one as it's the easiest to deal with (Dark Moon Servent Firekeeper is the other i kill as after O&S, there's not much you need to do there. That and losing the Fair Lady (spider Firekeeper) is kinda annoying at times but also managable to lose (you only need 2 of the 3 dead for a +7, as there's 5 Souls normally per NG)
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