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I went to the cell before I killed gargoyles and he wasn't there, nor was he after I killed them or at firelink shrine?


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If you rang the bell after Quelaag it can occure, well i suppose, but it never happened to me.
That's weird, I had never heard that happening before.
i freed him before i went to fight the gargoyles and he went to firelink fine but i went to new londo and got the firekeeper soul there (thinking it would make him kill anastacia sooner) but he was still there when i got back and she was still alive but after i returned from lower undead burg he was gone and she still wasnt dead. where did that embraced s.o.b. go?
i always kill him cuz he's annoying to deal with
Who are the NPCs he summons when you invade him?
You do amass some degree of Sin for killing him in human form, enough that it requires 15,000 souls to absolve.
****** wearing gold, lmao
Who ever recently edited this deserves an award.
Yes, a reward for being very special. This sort of retardation makes this page look incredibly amateurish
Everything he said was true though
He's da best ****** in entire Dark Souls universe
It was fun while it lasted :(