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By Anonymous
he is literally me
By Anonymous
Overrated af boss both in gameplay and fanfare. Beat him 1st try on my first character on str build blindly, then less than 5 tries on my low SL sorcerer chara to get Dark Bead early. His attacks are simple and easy to read and dodge. I was hyped for this boss cuz ppl were praising this fight so much but O and S is a much more fun boss fight.

Also why is he so popular lmao he's just a crazed dog you need to put down cuz he lost to Manus, and has no impact to the story at all.
By Anonymous
L take my man. Back to god of war for you
By Anonymous
And to elaborate he’s popular because he laid the grounmdorkfor”tough but fair” hunanoid enemies in the later games. Also the idea of giving an old corrupted hero an honorable death is another theme throughout the series.
By Anonymous
People complain about all the Artorias references in 3, but then 1 hits you with this sh*t
By Anonymous
Wait you were supposed to interrupt his buff? I just steered clear of him when he did that because I assumed there was an AoE involved.
By Anonymous
you are supposed to try and break his stance while buffing, however, if you didn't manage to inflict enough poise damage while he's buffing then he will release an AoE attack
By Anonymous
Great boss fight, I just wish the run back was shorter :/
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By MatinArtorias
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Honestly my favourite boss in the whole series because it has no bullsh**,no small area,no annoying camera,no dogs,no dou,no lava,no ranged attack,no cheese strategy,no glitch. Just you,him and the soil you go 6 meters through with his somersaults. Quite fair if you ask me
By Anonymous
I fought artorias yesterday, throwing daggers also works to interrupt his abyss power up
By Anonymous
This is probably my favorite fight in the game so far. I never really got frustrated or mad, and i knew exactly how i ****ed up when i did. Then beating him finally was soooo satisfying, i felt so accomplished. Learning his moveset felt really intuitive, nothing felt BS or OP, his stunlock move doesn't even do a whole lot of damage if he does decide to stunlock you (unless he's buffed) and his buff can easily be stopped if you hit him hard and fast enough. Really really good fight, the first time in this game when I felt the boss was a real CHALLENGE and didn't have any janky ******* it could abuse. Just you, him, and an empty arena fighting it out. Really ****in fun.
By Anonymous
The only BS is the 3 front flips that stun lock you on the ground and damage you. No way to guess if it's gonna be 1 or 3 either.
By Anonymous
Also - only heal when he buffs. Most bosses let you back off and sneak one in, he and Gwyn are really the only two that absolutely will not allow it except for very specific windows.
By Anonymous
Hell no, run in and punish him if he tries to buff. Smack him hard and fast. If you time carefully and bait certain moves you can heal without issue
By Anonymous
This is a serious “don’t get greedy” fight. You lose when you try to hit him and he’s not affording you a window. I tanked his slashes with a high stability shield but never countered as they are unpredictable in number. Tank his lunge, hit him back after. Roll his big jump attack, counter after that. The somersault he can string together up to three in a row - you can hit after, but if you guess wrong after one or two and he does it again, it’s gonna hurt.

He buffs himself three times during the fight, so mistakes are survivable early, but if you try to sneak one extra hit in late because you almost have him, you’re going to die, no matter how much health you have. Keep composure, wait him out.
By Anonymous
He doesn't buff only three times. My last two tries he's spammed buff 5 times in a row without rest. It's annoying.
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