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By Anonymous
F*** this overrated boss and his bull leaping attacks!!!
By Anonymous
Git Gud Scrub.
By Anonymous
Why the f*** does this f***er’s flips stun lock me to death!!! F*** this overrated DLC!!!
By Anonymous
Put these foolish ambitions to rest.
By Anonymous
Git Gud
By Anonymous
I didn't have any problem with him in NG but when tried to do NG (Remastered Edition) he was real pain in the ***. Finally found (for me it worked, of course it's only subjective) answer for him: 1) best melee weapon against: UGS sword (I choosed Zweihander) - Zweihander stunned him after 2 hits and usually after being stunned he went on distance which gave me chance to use estus 2) I removed my Havel set (because finally, when he goes very agressive in later part of fight armor gives us almost nothing) and choosed to have fast rolls. Fast rolls were everything cause evading his attacks is key for win and middle rolls were just too slow. Tried all favourite weapons but Zweihander with stunning ability after 2 hits was absolutely best. Very fine boss and great fight. For me one of the best in all DS series (for me was little similiar to my favourite Sir Alonne).
By Anonymous
PS - of course it should be "but when I tried to do in NG+".
By Anonymous
this bi*** is the reason why I deleted the game
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
its easy to kill him only problem is that the estus animation takes too long
By Anonymous
My only issue is when he chains the slam attack it stun locks and can easily one shot you and you can’t escape it if you get caught by one it’s over if he decides to chain them
By Anonymous
So. Fun fact, Tranquil Walk of Peace doesn't work on him. Another fun fact, the casting animation for TWoP ducks under his sweeps and I got it off without a scratch
By Anonymous
Artorias more like Artoriass
By Anonymous
One of my favourite bosses in all Soulsborne games. Dynamic, fast-paced, fun, but fair. No gimmicks here.

Not quite among the hardest in the series, but likely tricky for most.
By Anonymous
deals magic damage or ?? weakness ???
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