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By Anonymous
this boss has kicked my butt so much but i love it
and i thank firexixa for the help
By Anonymous
Not THAT tough, but this dude is a test of reflexes. Feels like a DS3 boss.
By Anonymous
Beat him first try. No, nobody invites me to parties; Why do you ask?
By Anonymous
Took me 3, but I fought him blind on ng+ after not knowing killing gwyn would immediately start it
By Anonymous
Is he okay?
By Anonymous
he has the abyss aids and a broken arm and your asking if hes okay
By Anonymous
he is not really hard , all you have to do is bait his mid -long range attacks (like his dash and jump attack) hit him run away and redo the process , if you hit him where he had his broken arm he will not touch you with his fast spin attack , you can go lightweight and use the Dark Wood Grain Ring if you have trouble to run way from him
By Anonymous
i also don't recommend you to use the lock on feature, this will make this fight harder this is also the case for many fight in this game
By Anonymous
I second this, I used havel's ring+dwgr and only attacked after he missed lunge or jump attacks. Swings are risky because he can follow up with a combo, and the safest direction to dodge is back(meaning you won't land hits anyways)
By Anonymous
Didn´t Artorias get the ability to traverse the abyss by receivning the ring from a primordial serpent (most likely Kingseeker Frampt)?
By Anonymous
“ I will draw him back!” - Shierke
By Anonymous
With 40 STA and +11 Tower Shield, he could never even get close to push my stamina to the bottom.
I just held up the shield and wait for him to empty his attack-stamina during his attacks. Then hit him.
Then just wait again. I took him out first try. I didn't even notice that his buff made a difference. I thought he was bugged or something.
The only attack that actually emptied my stamina bar - but did no damage after that - was the high jump and dive down attack. But after that, he has no follow up, then he's empy on his attack-stamina. That attack can also be quite easily avoided by walking in the direction of him when he starts the attack. Then his dive attack misses, and he landed behind me, and I could get 1 hit on him for free.
By Anonymous
Should add that I had the Chloranty ring, and of course I also lower the guard as often as I can to speed up my Stamina regen, but that's basic stuff if you're used to tanking big hitters.
By Anonymous
Coming back to this game, I found it a little jarring that 3 2h light attacks from quelaag's furysword could stagger him out of his buff animation. I always remember him tanking nearly everything only for the explosion to knock me onto my ***.
By Anonymous
Also Artorias double buffing was the only thing to strike fear into young me. The fight was either a slow burn waiting for the buff to wear off, or blazing through only for artorias to reach x4 damage.
By Anonymous
Scimitar also disrupts him with three hits, and at +12 does more damage than 10 humanity furysword
By Anonymous
I fight Artorias again after finishing Elden ring several times, now he feels much easier, must be because I've got much more experience now. His charging Abyss can be interrupted with 3 light attack of 2H gargoyle axe. I also prefer to stay close to him while holding up grass crest shield. His movements are kinda intimidating but it's quite clearly telegraphed. As long as you keep cool and calm, rolling to the side or almost directly at him is best to avoid and counterattack him. Hope this help.
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