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I've never managed to stagger him out of the buff with the double cast of GCF the cast tme is just too slow. I'm not convinced it's a good pyro tactic given you have PW on and that probably your only spot to heal
By Anonymous
ah my beautiful Artorias... its been a long time since our last match hasn't it old friend? I'll miss you until NG+ and your amazing pup Sif. farewell til next time my old friend.
By Anonymous
me and artorias are hanging out later and hes bringing his dog
By Anonymous
cooltorias the awesomewalker
By Anonymous
His story is amazing and his fight is great. 10/10
By Anonymous
for me Artorias is one of the most memorable knights I have seen in games his story is great and his fight was good for the time it was made he's defiantly on my favourite bosses and character list in the dark souls games
By Anonymous
Very fast and human-like boss for ds1 standards (feels almost like a ds2 boss), but ultimately quite easy. Having low weight load % for fast roll is a must. For their range + speed and synergy with leo ring, i found that spears worked very well for me in this fight.
I feel the critical part of the fight is to not get baited by the short jump attacks. Artorias have a slow+very high jump and a fast+very low jump. The 1st type have pretty bad tracking, you can comfortably dodge and heal or attack 2x times (with counter dmg bonus). The 2nd type is a bait, if you attack him during the recovery he will poise through you attack and repeat this move another 2 times (knocking you down in the 1st, hitting your body in the ground in the 2nd).
By Anonymous
artorias on ng+ made me a man
By Anonymous
artorias has to be one of the best characters in Darksouls I wish we could of gotten to see or help fight him and sif fight Manus that would be amazing
By Anonymous
Actually there is a mod called Daughters of Ash. It is kinda mysterious but you can help them fight manus there. The mod itself has a ton of hidden stuff and it changes the game on a large scale way.
By Anonymous
One of the best designed bosses of the game along with Sif. Intense fight. Forces you learn the enemy's moves and roll timing. Unless you dodge or block the attack properly there is no obvious openings. Punishes you if you are staying too far away by powering up.

However, the fight is still fair and if you built your character right and engage patiently you will win.

The lore that is both sad and engaging is just a cherry on top. One of From Software's best work of art.
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