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What is the recommended level for this boss fight?



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chlavator 1234 not really i was level 63 with bkh wrecked him 1st try


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@thatds1boithatkills1 I've beaten the game with bkh at soul level 27, all the way to NG+3 before I finally had to level further. That weapon plus a few well timed dodge rolls breaks all rules for recommended rules.
You can beat him at any lvl, just a matter of how hard will it be Something aroung 70 would be optimal. You need to have good stamina pool and some hp to tank a hit if you mistaken. Also fast rolls recomended, otherwise his chain-flip attack will shred you in pieces
40 - 90. Closer to 90 if you want to try all of the classes.
Easily the best fight in DS1, and very clearly the inspiration and influence for much of the other games going forward. It's one of the only fights in the game that doesn't infuriate me with janky, buggy nonsense like most every other major boss encounter.
What soul level is about average for summons here? beat Artorias years ago on Darksouls prepare to die on P.C with no summons (dont like to summon players really) but i want to try a bit of coop on my switch version and my current SL is 80 and seen ONE person so far but wanted to attempted it alone first so i missed out
*wanted to attempt* my god that was dumb of me
*wanted to attempt* my god that was stupid of me, my mistake
It's been two years and it still shocks me that this game came out for switch.... And then Skyrim.... Oh, and Witcher. And everybody, including myself, is asking one question, "why?"
its for people like me who dont have anything but a switch
If you are on switch, only five places i've seen summons reliably are Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Lower Blightown, Oolacile Township and O&S Anor Londo. Also 10 - 15 minute summons at high levels near the lord soul areas.
What if I'm a dex build with 20 str who uses an uhigatana :' - ' :
Dude, you are***** as ***** for building Dex, but regardless I respect a fellow dark souls scum*****, I'mma give you a like
+15 Murakamo.
Artorias is a white knight... I don’t think he kill humans... his role was to protect and save
Gwyn was afraid of the dark soul of humanity, so I think that Artorias’ role is to kill everything connected to humans. When we face him at Oolacile Gwyn already sacrificed himself for the flame, so Artorias decided himself to fight the abyss. Even if this is a good idea from a lore prospective, his aim was to kill Manus, a primordial human.
Manus was not human anymore he was a beast who had to be stop. When you kill Artorias he is the only boss that doesn’t give you a humanity/dark souls meaning Artorias was purely good. That’s why the dark toke over him, if Ornstein for example was the one to go fight Minus he would have survived Ciaran was the assassin who most likely was the one who killed humans and anyone Gwyn wanted dead. All we know about what Artorias did is try to rescue. New Londo. Oolacile. Princess Dusk.
Elizabeth ~ Knight Artorias came to stop this, but such a hero has nary a murmur of Dark. Without doubt he will be swallowed by the Abyss
I’m using a dex build (yeah I know ew dex) for my Pyromancer. I have a Great Scythe, and I’m two-handing it against this boss. I can fight him well until he charges up. I only have 40 dex at the moment, and I’m just a tad bit too slow to stagger him with a GF or GCF. Any hints?
I use his abyss Greatsword and with 2 swings I can stagger him so use a strong weapon against him also he will start to buff when his health is 3 bars down then it’s pretty much random and he will mostly roll away from you when he want to buff again
My +15 Great Scythe staggers him out of buff with three hits. I have 45 dex fwiw
On my first encounter on him, i used a black knight halberg that i got from the black knight on darkroot. Use very light armor w/ silver serpent ring and ring of fap. While he's charging, run towards him then r1 and r1 again for a guaranteed stagger
kill more bosses
Black bow of Pharis (or any bow) to head shot him out of it. It takes practice to hit him just right, but it's easier than getting clcloclclosclcloclclose
This boss took me 2 tries ... Only bcuz on the first my mouse stoped working ..kinda disapointing
I can beat Artorias with my eyes close... the end lol
yeah his dificulty is so overhyped.
Yawn. I beat him bare-fisted, level -2 no armor no healing items first try. Oh and also had my thumbs amputated beforehand for an extra challenge. Absolute bore
Lame af fight
My dude you’re lame af too, actually nevermind you’re worse ^_^
His fire resistance is through the roof, so don't try pyromancy or charcoal pine resin, they do little to help.
He’s weaker to lightning... everything else is a joke to him


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Lightning or Crystal Infusion will easily eat through his armor
tried it lightning succ against him but succ less. in M Y opinion just spell swap sunlight blade on to any lightning weapon


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Easily one of the best bosses From has ever made.. Imagine Artorias remade in 2020.. that would be a dream
Artorias need his own game... he’s so badass he deserve it
New DS3 mod 1.65 has you face the Abysswalker, the Dragonslayer, and the Lord's Blade which is in fact the actual characters Artorias, Ornstein, etc.