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Where is Sabaku no Maiku?
Anima oscura 9476
When you don't care about the story and decide to just make it as confusing as possible to the point where it is basically nonexistent.
dark souls + lore = Facepalm.
Not at all.
some of the most stereotypical light vs dark bull*****, isn't Gwyn basically just copying Zeus? Literally just replace dragons with titans and you have Zeus



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Yea, no. The fact that they used lightning to kill dragons doens't mean that Gwyn is a god of Thunder... Gwyn didn't make kids with random hollows. You see one *****ing this and decide "Yep, lightning, *****er is basically Zeus".
Barely any coralation for starters Gwyn was a mortal man who became a god. Did zeus have a son that betrayed him and fought alongside the titans. You also bring up stereotypical light vs dark in some regards maybe but the point in this game is light will never really win the fire can burn but keep kindling it, it will burn out dark is inevitable an another of the gwyn is zeus thing did zeus kill himself in a fire and become and undead. Seriously you read like two things and called it good.
are all these guys who got parts of gwyns lord soul intended to link the flame instead of the chosen undead?


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No he Gwyn was sharing his power with them to help defeat the ancient dragons
Smough is not a knight of Gwyn, he‘s an Executioner.
Which is why he's not included in the list.
It says gough not smough
Actually the OP was correct. In the Bosses section under Ornstein and Smough, it refers to them as two knights of Gwyn (which is incorrect). Smough desired to be one of Gwyn's knights, but was rejected due to his obsession his role as executioner and his cannibalistic tendencies. Ironically, he ends up being one of the last living things in Anor Londo. Some theories suggest that the Ornstein we face was part of the illusion created by Gwyndolin as the lore suggest that he left Smough alone to go search for the Nameless King.
Yes, but he wanted to be a knight of Gwyn and was rejected due to his habit of eating his executed victims. This is what made him just an executioner.
Um, where is the giant dad section? pls halp I need some lore about that
Praise the sun


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I see so many people saying this, and I hate it. Saying Gwyn is even remotely close to referencing Zeus is an insult. Zeus was a god of lightning and the sky. Gwyn was a mortal man who had god status (he wasn’t a god, yet people treated him as such) that used the powers of the sun, that just happened to be in the form of lightning bolts. Gwyn was a lord nothing more, he could die like any other man. Zeus however is a literal god, immortal, never dying. Unbelievable how many of you think Gwyn references Zeus
stupid idea : if gwin wants to keep the fire on, and the chosen undead wants the same why kill him instead of talk.