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Dark in Summary = gg easy
So, we were playing as humans against the rise of Humanity or actual darkness, the undead and demons?
Humanity and the Darkness are not actually one in the same in these games. Moreso there is a balance between fire and the darkness which was upset hence the darksign. Now however the fire is fading and the world is falling to darkness slowly. You arent necessarily against anything. You are the chosen undead meaning you can either take the lordsouls for yourself and become a new lord of sunlights and link the fires or let darkness overcome. However there cant be light without dark or vice versa so it is supposed to represent no matter what you choose that this is a never ending and repeating cycle
I isn't working for some reason. Is it on my end? :/
Could the gaping dragon have been turned into an abomination by Sulyvhan?
No. Miyazaki himself stated that emotions corrupted many of the dragons, and the Gaping Dragon was one of them. Emotion came about in the Disparity, when the First Flame was discovered. The Gaping Dragon is likely very, very old.
Sulyvhan was born countless ages later after this game, we have no idea how many kingdoms rose and fell before DS3.
I think the Gaping Dragon became what he is due to the blight in Blighttown. I think the blight he was feeding on mutated him into the monstrosity he is today. It's only a theory, but it makes the most sense. If I were to eat and eat and eat, I would just get fat, as do other creatures, dragons would too. If blight made the residents into the creatures near the top of the Depths, it would all make sense.
He's been starving. So he got a huge mouth because he's so hungry. That's it
Im still confused as ***** boi.
Where do you get all this information from? There's hardly any information in the game.
Except that there is. Item descriptions are fundamental.
all the information is inside the game but you gotta find it. item descriptions are a good "place" to find it
You're dumb
Yeah, I don't see any citation anywhere on this wiki. People saying "Oh it's in the game," should be considered taking out of their *** until citation's provided. All this lore is extremely suspect, no matter how many people have come to how much of a consensus.
bloodborne>dark souls
Hell no. Not gameplay wise, not from the charakters and surroundings and sure as hell not story/lore wise.


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Nah... you have to farm bloodvials if you run out vs simply resting at a bonfire..... farming/grinding is always a con
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The two don’t belong in the same sentence. Bloodborne is a masterpiece. Trying to make heads or tails of DS is like rummaging through a stack of papers I found in the attic with my ideas for my home brew DnD campaign back in middle school.



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I don’t agree or disagree. Both Bloodborne and dark souls both have their pros and cons it’s all about how you look at it
thinking about starting the "Age of Dark"
Let the humans rise and depose these false Lords!
That's the good ending. Frampt is a liar