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I chose this thinking "hmm... This will be helpful"
Doesnt even do what i wanted.



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Yep. This ring is equivalent to Life Ring at Dark Souls II / III which increases your maximum health by 5%. It doesn't recover your HP. If it could, this gift would become the wanted item besides the Master Key.
I dont know how to get this and who its snugly?
These are starting gifts, you choose one when you create new character.
Snuggly is well... a crow? She is a special merchant who resides in her nest in Undead Asylum (2nd visitation), located between giant Crows nest and 4 undeads with torches. You can drop an item and then either quit game and load it again, or die and respawn or use homeward and respawn, and then when you visit her small nest she will have a reward for you. For more information (location, what items can you trade, other mechanics) visit Merchants page here on this wiki
When on the cliff path out side the undead asylum, turn right past the first wall. You should here some dialogue if you can trade. Then drop the item in the nest and go through a loading screen. When you return an item will be there
Snuggly is da bird u can trade with mon!
snuggle is a bird just outside the asylum, on a narrow cliff path to the right outside of the main gate. i've played dark souls 1,2,3/demon souls since they came out.
Master Key, the only good choice.
Unless you picked Thief
Used to be when it couldn't be found in the game. But now the Old Witch's Ring seems the best choice because you'd have to trade in the Sunlight Maggot to acquire it.