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By Anonymous
On my first character I couldn't defeat O&S because I was leveling all of the stats. So much for tip "don't use guides or you'll ruin your first play". No. You will ruin your first play if you don't use guides at all because game tells you absolutely nothing and you'll probably end up with character with bad stats that requires good player's skill to deal with bosses. And you will not have this skill since you are new player.

So next time I used armored pyro/sorc with chaos zweihander and strong magic/fire damage. Even if I still lacked skill O&S was much easier fight. Same goes to 4 Kings or DLC bosses. I was terrible at parying or rolling but since I was like heavy tank shooting lasers and fireballs I could beat every boss with tanking and high ranged damage. So if you are new player with no skill use guides to pick your build cause good build can help you if you lack skill.
By Anonymous
Playing characters to their strengths is extremely common in almost all games, especially RPGs. Jack of all trades, master of none. You don't need a blue print, just invest in one or two of the damage enhancing stats instead of all of them and you'll be fine as long as you use them. str+fth, dex+int, str+dex, etc. or go all in on one. And any character needs vit and end of course.
By Anonymous
"I didn't increase my health and now I don't have any. Thanks for nothing, Miyazaki"
By Anonymous
I cannot as a whole agree with you, given that the game is very obtuse in the way it conveys information with only a passing knowledge of how most RPGs work you have enough context clues to realize that leveling everything is not the smart way to go, That you can miss breakpoints and waste some points? for sure. You could level up a stat that does something different than you expected? of course!
By Anonymous
Quick Guide to new players:
WARRIOR - great choice for any pure physical build (strength, dexterity or both)
KNIGHT - crappy choice, you will soon learn than mobility is much better than being slow snail-tank, don't pick it!
WANDERER - best class for battle mage path that combines sorceries and pyromancies with dexterity weapons
THIEF - for speedrunners and more experienced players who use mixed builds, don't pick it!
BANDIT - probably best class for pure physical builds especially strength based, if you like smash things with big weapons it's your choice
HUNTER - used only for pure dexterity builds, if you want to stick with daggers and bows you can pick this one
SORCERER - great only if you want focus purely on casting sorceries most of the time, for mixing sorceries with melee pick something other
PYROMANCER - most balanced starting class with lowest level, used to combine pyromancy with anything you want, one of the best starting classes due to versality
CLERIC - best class for any faith focused build that combine miracles with any form of melee fighting
DEPRIVED - allrounder for mixed builds for more experienced players who know the game, don't pick it!

Of course all of this are suggestions. No one stops you from starting as knight and then focusing on sorcery to spam blue lazers. It's Dark Souls you can do anything here and there are no limts. But by following above tips you will have easier and faster results since each stat increase costs more and more and by making wrong choices you will have to spent hours grinding souls just to level up.
By Anonymous
Knight, thief, hunter and deprived should never be picked if your goal is to optimize a build's stats (thief may get a pass for speedruns, but this is about endgame builds). A pure dex build would prefer warrior over hunter and if you want any attunement at all, then wanderer is better. Also bandit only excels at pure strength builds, for str+dex you want warrior.
By Anonymous
I picked knight for a faith build with fair strengh and dex for melee weapons. Didn't really care for the starting armor, so i just unequiped it to fastroll
By Anonymous
I want to play knight why does it have to suck
By Anonymous
my go to pick is always the deprived, you can get good equipment at the start of the game and the stats are good
By Anonymous
The stats are literally terrible. No matter what build, deprived will always be unoptimal. lol Since you can't respec in DS1, you can't even switch builds, so deprived serves 0 purpose aside from being more challenging.
By Anonymous
I'm laughing so hard my ribs hurt good one LMFAOOOO
By Anonymous
For minmaxing purposes one thing to keep in mind is that resistance points do not come out of the base level budget, so no need to look at that stat even when picking a class.
By Anonymous
Our self-awareness and existential dread are our warning from whatever divine power sees us here.
By Anonymous
Sounds like someone plays faith.
By Anonymous
Consume a canned cake
By Anonymous
If you’re new to the game and don’t know what to choose, I’d recommend actually the lowest level class, the Pyromancer. Pyromancers start with Fireball, and Pyromancy spells in general require no stat investment in Intelligence or Faith, just in upgrading the glove for more damage. They shine as a mix of magic and melee. If you decided magic is not for you, it’s easy to abandon it altogether, or just use one of the best utility spells for more damage: Power Within. The only downsides to a Pyromancer is that they start with relatively low Dexterity and Faith, but besides that they’re almost as well balanced as it gets for stats. After you kill the second major boss, her sister gives you one of the strongest Pyromancy spells for free for just joining her covenant.
If it turns out you like spells more than melee combat, Cleric and Sorcerer are more specialists in Faith and Intelligence respectively. If you don’t like magic at all, Bandits are the way to go. Regardless, the first playthrough with a Pyromancer will really help you realize your play style.
By Anonymous
Pryromancers are sort of **** until you get to the depths, any idiot can get into pryromancy later on when its actually useful, its not a bad class but you'd be better of with cleric or wizard if you want magic to be useful early on.
A new player should go with whatever they like the sound of and learn from it. I prefer the knight because rolling is for cuçks but each to their own.
By Anonymous
Everyone told me to choose pyromancer my first playthrough and it was a really bad idea for me not knowing how to play the game at all. I never went to the depths bc I had the master key which was a bad idea so I was never able to upgrade my pyro flame and I barely leveled up and I don't think I ever upgraded my weapon. I got to the iron golem then restarted with more knowledge about the game. I'm just saying its probably better for a new player to go full melee first bc its the most simplest playstyle.
By Anonymous
Well your mistake was picking master key not pyromancer class. MS (as it's description even hints!) should be only picked by players who know where to go and what to skip. If you are new player you can easily screw your game by missing important npcs and items. Sometimes when I start new game I still don't take it and play the game newbie way (no Grass Crest, Red Tearstone, Hornet etc or Darkwood hunters cheesing for early boost).
By Anonymous
I wunted to not die in one hit
By Anonymous
Level health
By Anonymous
I just started and t have not found my class yet but i am still looking and i hope to find my class some day.
By Anonymous
Starting class doesn't metter you can be any class it's flexible
By Anonymous
Never really got the hype behind thief, all the equipment you get from picking the class can be gotten within the first 5 areas of the game and you can get the master key for only 5000 after ringing both bells. DEX is really good at the start but single digit strength almost nullifies any benefit that gives. Odd mix of intelligence and faith allowing you to use the most basic of all magic types but only enough attunement for 1 spell slot. Quite a bit of the same could probably be said for pyromancer (my personal favorite) though, so maybe I'm missing the point entirely?
By Anonymous
thief is usually used for speed runners and people who want to get through the beginning of the game fast it's not the equipment that people go for but the master key and black bombs as you can skip right to blight town within 5 minutes of the game with master key plus you don't have to fight asylum demon otherwise the starter class doesn't matter all too much other than the obvious

plus master key becomes pointless after you ring both bells
By Romaly
The Bandit Knife has a 1% base chance to drop from the lower Undead Burg Assassins, and it's a superb weapon, having relatively long reach for a dagger, wide-slashing strong attacks, strong critical damage, and most importantly, bleed damage. I think it's a very unique and useful weapon to start with. With the parry shield you can make quick work of the many humanoid enemies scattered around undead burg and parish.

Starting with the Master Key gives you other starting gift options such as the Black Firebombs if you want to kill the Asylum Demon for the Demon Great Hammer, or the Tiny Being's Ring, which immediately raises your HP by 27 points (Effectively starting you with 10 VIT)

Having the highest starting dex (15 Dex) gives you instant access to all of the beginning area Dex weapons you can pick up, on top of the Shortbow from the Undead Merchant Male in the Burg. If you don't use the Shortcut trick down the the Lower Undead Burg, you could easily have to sink 2-3 hours into the game (or more) to pick up the Black Leather set, Target Shield, and farm for the bandit knife, and that's if you're an experienced player that knows what they're doing.

With 1 point away from 12 ATT, you basically have 2 Attunement Slots with decent starting FTH and INT to pick up some of the beginning support spells from both schools of magic for PVE and PVP. I think it's an excellent starting class, and if you don't like the Bandit Knife, the Estoc is legitimately right below you and only takes 1 point of STR investment to 1 hand.
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