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By Anonymous
If we level up all the classes to level 6, the number of points is different in some of them. The sorcerer has fewer points (85), the pyromancer will have 89 points, the deprived 88 points (we didn't need to level him up), etc.
By Anonymous
It’s because of Resistance.
By Anonymous
The resistance has nothing to do with it; if the total points differ at the same level for some classes, there will be differences later on. For example, taking any build and assigning the same points to the sorcerer and the deprived class:


In this case, you'll notice that the sorcerer needs to reach level 80, while the deprived reaches the same point with level 77.
Could someone please explain if I'm mistaken, but in the long run, it's NOT the same to choose any class as they say everywhere; there are fewer points to allocate in some cases if we're strict.
By Anonymous
These are the total points for all classes leveled up to level 6 each:
Warrior 88
Knight 87
Wanderer 89
Thief 87
Bandit 88
Hunter 88
Sorcerer 85
Pyromancer 89
Cleric 88
Deprived 88
By Anonymous
The comment about resistance is correct. Resistance isn't factored into starting SL. Add up the stats without it and they all match at equal SL.
By Anonymous
hot take: beating the game as SL6 Deprived is more impressive than SL1 Pyromancer, in large part because of having half the number of spell slots
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By MatinArtorias
Reply a custom class with custom armor,stats and weapons (remember: no stat below 8 and no weapon with more than 90 default damage)
By Anonymous
Ciaran set and weapon
By Anonymous
The thief, hunter, and deprived all need faith leveled to at least 12,attunement leveled to at least 10, and intelligence leveled to 10-14 to make use of their faith and attunement that's somewhat extra but not quite as specialized as classes like the cleric, bandit, wanderer, and sorcerer. The warrior is tied for lowest attunement and there's a ring that gives attunement slots, so you can leave attunement unleveled on a warrior if you want. The advantage to this is it gives you offensive and buff sorceries, and the heal miracle which you can minimal with the thoroland talisman. Try a rapier buckler build if you're going with thief, it can work well whether you're going for agility or tanking.
By Anonymous
14 intelligence for thief and deprived also let you use hidden weapon, repair, and cast light
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Meant minimax
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