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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Has nothing, is hard to use.
Makes loot interesting from the start. A very pure experience as a first play through.
Beware the surpreme art of archery!!!
first git gud mate archers are easy to deal with
Meant for a versitile gamer that has some expierence.
Why no wiki for this class


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I noticed that there is a Mage User Guide , and was wondering if anyone had an idea if they were going to be doing the same thing with the Hunter?
There is no info for the deprived. Was it deleted by accident?
An all around versatile Class that is extremely valuable in teaching a beginner how to play. A beginner is in fact encouraged to play a deprived for a multitude of reasons:
1. The wiff animation attached to the club encourages proper timing of blows.
2. The quality of the shield leaves the player not overly reliant on blocking, and encourages dodging.
3. The lack of armor puts meaning into any that you find throughout the game. Especially your first set.
4. Because the stats are overall rounded, any type of character can be made based on what the player wants.

Its good regardless of being SL6, it has the same SL1 stat total as any other class.


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I just started the Dark Soul series. Haven't even begun playing Dark Souls I. Thanks for the comment, I would've gone with "Deprived" anyways, but this confirms my choice.
It would be a good starting class when you at least would start as SL 1, but 6 is too high.
Hey, that's pretty good
Personally, the hunter class is the best class because you can use the estoc right from the get go.
Yeah, as I return to the game on Oct 4th, going over all the options I will be going hunter and rushing the estoc. Could go warrior, but I've done that before.
Lol the Estoc is available as soon as you take the elevator down in firelink
Estoc? MFer, F that S. I’ll just go grab Winged Spear or Zweihander, both are significantly better