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By Anonymous
I hate that we can't tell her the truth about everything.

-That we are not her sister

-That her sister is dead by our hands/ either by her being a obstacle or becease of the fire witch in the swamp request. (Who is also a sister to the fair lady)

-that her sister killed countless amount of undead just to steal their humanity to stop temporary the pain for her sisters's never ending pain.

-That kirk was trying to bring her humanity by also killing people left and right.

And so many other things she din't knew about. Like her chaos witch sister being in the swamp, and that she still is alive. And allot of other things.

I know it wouldn't be a happy thing to let her know all these things. But to lie to her/ hide all of this from her. Doens't feel any better to be honest.

And i would rather die telling her the truth, and facing the consequences afterwards. then to lie in a patheticattemptto spare her the pain, and making it even more painful if she ever found out the truth herself.

Better to die a honest man/lady and to die a liar, and making this poor lady even more miserable by making her believe everything is well, when it isn't at all. I can't bare seeing her hopes shattering all at once in the face of the Inevitable truth.
By Anonymous
I mean it took literal centuries (probably) but Quelana eventually reunited with her sister and I guess all these ages later especially after the linking of the fire her situation probably wasn't as bad
By Anonymous
Get the ring, here her out. U will get tears in ur eyes
By Anonymous
She'd be cuter if she hadn't started suffering due to the annual blight tasting contest
By Anonymous
I coomed
By Anonymous
god I’d really just like it if both sister just completely started squirting there web all over me. Man I’m a sick individual
By Anonymous
Seek professional help
By Anonymous
yeah you might be
By Anonymous
Please, stop it. Get some help.
By Anonymous
That gave me quite a laugh. Don't lose that humor.
By Anonymous
always kill for the firekeeper soul
By Anonymous
Maidenless behavior
By Anonymous
Disregard maidens, acquire estus.
By Anonymous
I became inhuman myself, found 80 humanities just to ease her pain. I feel bad for her because i know what it's like to just slumber and trust the one you love to take care of you... God i feel so bad for her
By Anonymous
Best girl.
By Anonymous
i give humanity and save sun man
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