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By Anonymous
Her state is actually incredible sickness due to swallowing blightpus from the blighttown dwellers
By Anonymous
Sucking too much blighttown D
By Anonymous
Thanks vaati
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
By Anonymous
Do you get anything special for gifting her humanity?
By Anonymous
You being less of a ***** since killing her sister that was helping her.
By Anonymous
A poison dagger to the face i hope
By Anonymous
she opens the back door to the bed of chaos area but i don't remember exactly how much humanity is needed
By Anonymous
it gives you 2 pyro spells, and a shortcut that-if you kill EVERY SINGLE maggot- will save solaire and he will be available for summon at Gwyn
By Anonymous
Does spider have puss-puss?
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By ArmStorage
30 humanities. Also, by having the shortcut unlocked, you can save Solaire by killing the Chaos Bugs before he arrives there.
By Anonymous
I didn't get there in time to save Soltaire...
By Anonymous
Do you need the old witch ring to join the covenant?
By Anonymous
No, you don`t
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
What dorks downvoted? This is an important question if you're trying to save Solaire, as if you take the regular route to get the Sunlight Maggot to trade for the ring, it's already too late to save him.
By Anonymous
Her dialogue w/ ring isn't listed anywhere?
By Anonymous
I don't think their are any pages on this website that feature lines of dialogue directly from the game.
By Anonymous
Her dialogue is on her lore page. But her name is not right though. She technically doesn't have one, not even in the game code is she named. I'd like to know where this name Quelaan came from. She is known only as 'Our Fair Lady'. Poor thing...
By furyweapons
Quelaana is actually the last Daughter of Chaos, the one you can find somewhere in the swamp of Blighttown if I'm not mistaken. I think the name just got jumbled around and somehow ended up with the Fair Lady (You can pretty much figure this out from Dark Souls 3's Quelana Pyromancy Tome)
By Anonymous
It’s a fan name. You have Quelaana and Quelaag. So people just gave her the name
By Anonymous
> In the game called Fair Lady, given fan dub 'Quelaan' See the part where it says she's been dubbed Quelaan by the player community at large? Her sister's names are Quelaag and Quelaana, so Quelaan makes sense here. 2-set pattern's name system, and is functionally unique as a name.
By Anonymous
yeah like they said it is the name the fans and souls community gave her. you have Quelaana, Quelaag, and Quelaan.
By Anonymous
if i kill her after she opened the shortcut does it close?
By Anonymous
You have to open the short cut. Then, yes it will stay open for the play through.
By Anonymous
You have to **unlock the shortcut** by joining the covenant and offering 30 humanity. After that, **you can kill her, and still activate the shortcut once you reach it**

I have done this numerous times already, as I try to upgrade my estus to +3 as soon as possible

Also, it should be noted; Once she's dead, you can no longer rest or warp **from** the bonfire. Demon Ruins is very close, so you can always walk down there after getting to Quelaag's Domain
By Anonymous
as long as you open it before you kill her you're fine, but if you do kill her then you're a horrible person that should become hollow
By Anonymous
That doesnt make any sense, u cant upgrade estus with no firekeepers and anastacia will be dead so u will need knightess but that bonfire is pretty useless for someone who has completed the game, u will get to darkmoon tomb very soon and the only other use would be to enter duke archives but same thing, the next bonfire is after a very easy area. Anastacia is useless as well as knightess, wuealaan and eingyi at least do something.
By Anonymous
Anastacia won't die if you've killed Lautrec.
By Anonymous
If you kill her does Eingi still sell pyomancy?
By Anonymous
He will become hostile
By Anonymous
He will turn into the yeah boi frog
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
She gave birth to maggots. That is disgusting.
By Anonymous
I gave her my second firekeeper soul (from blighttown), but no upgrade to estus occured. Any Ideas?
By Anonymous
well your estus can only go up to +7 but if you did it before that and nothing happened it must be a glitch and your only shot is to quit and reload and see if its in your bag
By Anonymous
Upgrading your estus means a flash heals you for more, not that you get more flasks from that bonfire. Perhaps you're confusing upgrading estus with kindling?
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