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By Anonymous
In-game description it's droop not drop
By Anonymous
I somehow managed to get two by killing the necromancers in one run. Least I get a free ring of fog!
By Anonymous
should i trade for ring of fog
By Demon Slayer
yes, the other light sources are better and the only other way to get the ring of fog is pvp which is getting harder and harder to do as time passes
By Anonymous
Its guarenteed to be in the pit Patches kicks ya down
By Anonymous
Lots of debate over a guaranteed drop, so I looked at the game's internal params. Here's the deal, it has a base 2% chance to drop from the necromancers, but it uses something akin to bonus points with a value of 10, meaning every time it rolls for the drop and doesn't drop, it adds 10% to the drop rate of the next roll. When it successfully drops, this resets back to 2%.
So by the time you kill the fourth necromancer, your drop rate for the lantern on the fifth is already at 42%. Given there are 6 necromancers, it's statistically unlikely that you won't get the drop, but it IS possible.
By Anonymous
It happened to me in several playthroughs, on ps4 and switch. Guess I can't roll high enough
By Anonymous
i must be really unlucky then :(
By Anonymous
THANK YOU OH SO MUCH FOR THIS! I fought both online and with IRL friends for YEARS about this!
**** it, I have 1500+ more hours on this ****ing game, and it actually happened at least 10 times (more or less) in my multiple runs that none of those 6 Necro****ers dropped a Lantern for me. Thank you for clarifying this.
By Anonymous
^^ Why did you censor Necromancers?
By Anonymous
For anyone curious on the scaling. Iduped Kellogg's to get 53 strength and got a whopping 3 scaling damage when 2 handing for a total of 108 damage (30+3 phys 75 fire)
By Anonymous
It’s useless to generate a light. Use the Sunlight Maggot instead.
By Anonymous
Because everyone should always do Demon Runs before Catacombs...
By Anonymous
Sunlight Maggot doesnt reveal the wall markers. I was completely lost using Sunlight Maggot until my coop appeared with the lantern and made them visible.
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i agree with OP, vehemently. light spell or sunlight maggot are the way to go. if you want to know where the hidden walls are, you're already on the wiki, use it.
for skull lantern to give light, you have to hold L2 and you can't fight with it out. as soon as you attack, your light goes out. the lantern itself provides just barely enough light to see a skeleton and the skeleton can still attack from outside the light radius. it's practically impossible,to fight the skeletons while wieding this stupid lantern.
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Butt weiner
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that is correct