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By Anonymous
This dragon is obnoxious to melee considering they only give 10000 souls.
By Anonymous
True dat. I've died to this thing quite a lot. One of its fire attacks is nearly an instant kill to any player build. I could cheese it, but I want to fight it for the glory.
By Anonymous
I believe the usefulness of Flash Sweat during this fight deserves a mention. I tried it out on my most recent run and went from dying in 1-3 fire breaths to taking 0 damage while blocking.
By Anonymous
First get past him and open the gate with one of the ways here.Second, when coming from the rats or the church, attack him through as discussed in the second glitch.The dragon is now on the bridge, and if not facing you get his attention, and hide behind the pillar just inside the door to the bridge, where the right side of your camera can see him as he tries to roast you.After a while he gets bored, and stops breathing fire, go shoot him with arrows to re aggro him, I got 5-6 off every time with a longbow.
By Anonymous
I meant attack him through the wall in the second step.
By Anonymous
I managed to get past withought killing him, rested at the bonfire, then he flew off and I never saw him again, but now I want to fight him and get the sword, is there a way to get him back on his perch in order to kill him and chop off his tail?
By Anonymous
go again over the bridge and he will come back
By Anonymous
Same Problem here. I'm back MUCH later and he doesn't even come back when I walk across the bridge again and again ;(
By Anonymous
Quit game, go to title screen, continue game, and he will be back.
By Anonymous
If you cut off his tail and then leave the area or rest at a bonfire will his tail regrow?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I just cheezed his tail with arrows from below the bridge and collected the sword as planned. Can't remember if I rested or died after that, but when he came back, his tail was attached. I didn't bother trying to see if it would cut off a second time, but it was definitely attached.
By MattFinnish
I cheezed the tail with arrows from under the bridge and got the tail sword as planned. Can't remember if I died or rested after but when he returned, the tail was definitely there. I didn't bother to see if it could be cut off again, but it was definitely attached as he sat up on his perch.
By Anonymous
I am a sorcerer. I don't have a bow. How do i beat him?
By Anonymous
idk, figure it out, I believe in youuuuu!!!!
By Anonymous
You can find a bow in undead burg, and arrows from the undead merchant there, i guess you already know it, but this is if someone else has a similar problem
By Anonymous
Ugh... what? It doesnt matter what class you are, your class doesnt make any difference, just find a bow...
By Anonymous
In the remastered he lands awkwardly on the staircase when you first meet it, however in the original it lands on the bridge like its supposed to.
By Anonymous
Welp, looks like the wall glitch kill technique has gone the way of the basic bow kill technique thanks to his regen ability. Spent more than an hour hitting him through the wall with an average 114 HP/hit and still couldn't bring him below 2/3 HP.
By Anonymous
taste my dragon slayer bow, u filthy dragon!
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