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By Anonymous
i didn't kill this guy until after i'd gotten the dragonslayer greatbow. went to a window in the tower opposite him and sniped him with it until he died.
By Anonymous
I can confirm the glitch standing on the ledge above the gate works. After about ten jumps i got across with no armor on. I used my black knight sword that im so lucky to have gotten on my first knight kill. Standard swing into the coloumn of brick thats sticking out a little, youll hear a hit noise and hear the dragon roar, fly take some steps and come back. Do this every 8 seconds or so for about 5 minutes and he will go down. I was worried about his health regen so towards the end i was timing it as quickly as a could. The health gauge is hard to see.
By HollowRaccoon
I could be wrong but I think this guy has the most damaging move in maybe the whole series. When he does the one when he is the middle of the bridge and flies up then breathes fire down, it's a garunteed kill on like ng3 and above. I maxxed my stats with full havels/Tarkus and made my health bar go all the way to the end of the screen, it still one shot me.
By Anonymous
I confirm,I used pyromancy fire prot buff, fire prot ring, full maxed giant set, 2248 hp, and still get oneshotted on the bridge at some point with fire attack, wtf
By Anonymous
Absolutely sh*t and poorly designed miniboss if you wanna fight it without cheese and you're not a sorcerer. Attacks nonstop with almost no recovery time, and the vertical flight into fire breath below is absolutely bullsh*t. If you get hit by that attack directly, it doesn't matter how much fire resistance you have (armor, fire res pyromancy, fire res ring) it WILL one shot you.

One shotting it with Dark Bead in my 2nd chara is sooooooo satisfying. Get rekt you stupid poor designed fake dragon.
By Anonymous
Was wearing Quelana armor and fire stoneplate and didn't get one shot no matter what attack, 59 vigor. Did nearly kill me though.
By Anonymous
What nonsense. Comments also written by amateurs. The dragon is immune to poison or has a very, very high resistance. I managed to cut off his tail with 40-50 poison arrows and make him heal. He was not poisoned at all during this time. What you need to do is bring him to ~60% hp before he starts to heal (if you notice him covering himself with his wings, it means you've done too much dmg), shoot him once to make him fall onto the bridge and attack him with your strongest spells, jump attacks with 2h weapons etc. Also, when it flies up to breathe fire underneath, you can't be close. You will die instantly with even 300 with fire resistance. If you can't kill him quickly after landing, you'll have to play cat and mouse, preferably with a Dragon Crest shield and high fire resistance.

The problem with this dragon is that after cutting off the tail and getting the weapon, you don't care about this location and 10k souls. If only there was even a titanite chunk in the loot. Even some unintelligent developer gave the dragon the ability to heal. What for? To waste time?
By Anonymous
can i still get the drake sword if i got the bond fire with out cutting its tail
By Anonymous
Yeah rest in the bonfire below the bridge, run to the entrance of the bridge into where the dragon rests. The dragon will come back.

If it doesnt return keep running back and forth from the beginning of the bridge to the end.
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