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Can you still purchase the cracked red eye orbs even if you already placed lord vessel for frampt
You cannot. If you place for frampt, Kaathe with leave.
no :(
I can not use the orb. Help?
Maybe... You aren't in humam form?
I'm trying to use my CREO and I'm in undeadburg but it won't let me use it help me pls
I'm sorry for the response being so late but you may be to close to a bonfire or it could have something to do with fhe boss.
Remembervyou have to have reversed hollowing
Can these be farmed from darkwraith? I got 6 from killing one once...
no you didn't
You can in dark souls 3
Can you trade this item with other players?


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will i only invade that specific loacation that im in? like if i invade in undead burg, am i going to find that player in undead burg?
The info on whether or not the orb is consumed is wrong here. I just tested it, the orb is consumed regardless of whether or not the invasion was successful.
"successful" means if you entered a host's world, not that you were successful in defeating them


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Rakuyo stop with that *******
I’ve been trying to use the creo for awhile and have had no such luck in getting any invasions, could it be that I power leveled too hard? Cause I just wanted to use a sword and leveled a bit more past lvl 100 (I’m lvl 106) does this have to do with not being able to invade someone? If not, is there specific places I should be for my level to invade someone?
Oolacile Township.