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How do I take it off


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Kill yourself.
Fastest way is to warp to firelink shrine rest at the bonfire and have your character jump off the cliff. Make sure you don't have any ring of sacrifice equipped.
Where are the Carvings? (Hello, Thank you.. etc from the DLC)
The Carvings are in the DLC
Where are the covenant items?
Pale tounge
Sunlight medal
There are no pale tongues or forked tongues in dark soul's remastered, those are in dark soul's III. In remastered the darkmoon blade covenant collect souvenir of reprisal that can be farmed from Harpies in Painted World of Ariamis.
Pale tongues are rewards for killing red invaders as a world master. I maybe a forked tongue in the fence of you being a dark spirit fighting a darkroom blade and winning (which counts as 2 pts) sunlight medals can be gotten from helping someone kill a boss as a warrior of sunlight or killing a world master while in the warriors of Sunlight covenant or finally touching the summon sign of a warrior of sunlight and successfully defeating the boss of the area. Btw wrong wiki bruh
What's the max number of arrows you can carry, of each type?
999 for all ammo.