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By Anonymous
She kinda reminds me of Charlotte.
By Anonymous
charlotte flair?
By Anonymous
nrha naa
By Anonymous
ilhano majakdh klahdion lshdoclcl kokeo ediokl!!!
By Anonymous
ilmaoe hromvh eg tqo and ueh jah ea
By Anonymous
ilmakthra neikmaiw pqgr heg ab mow
By Anonymous
I will not support this foul language
By Anonymous
Sorry, I don't speak Hollow.
By Anonymous
She never came and she's not at the tomb of the Giants.
By Anonymous
Have you had Capra Demon killed?
By Anonymous
when you rescue her from her bodyguards she goes to undead parish
By Anonymous
I accidentally kill Reah of Thorolund, Can someone please tell me what to do? do i go to the guy in the tower or will I just start again?
She attack me first so I fought back and she died.
I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP!
By Anonymous
I calling the cops
By Black_Iron_Bob
Uh oh, I see the blues coming now. Enjoy prison you filthy heretic.
By Anonymous
So I thought that by visiting her before exploring further or killing bosses that I would have triggered saving her, but apparently Petrus just murders her anyways. You HAVE to buy all her miracles before exploring and killing more bosses or else Petrus just kills her anyways.
By Anonymous
You should have just killed Petrus after saving her
By Anonymous
Yeah, just kill that murderous, cowardly bowlcut since he doesn't sell anything worth buying - Reah sells the spells cheaper and knows more of them, and the talisman he sells is raw (the thorolund talisman does not scale), he abandoned Reah and is going to murder her when she escapes certain death. Is not killing him worth less than saving her (and your access to those miracles)?
By Anonymous
I guess she gotta die, i killed her friend :I
By Anonymous
Well, was trying out a faith build. Found Rhea in the Catacombs, acidentaly hit her while fighting her Bodyguards, she runs away. Well, crap i think, but i can still get my Sins pardoned. Then she jumps off the cliff.
Nice feeling.
By Anonymous
Rotten luck... That's DS 4 u! lol
By Anonymous
well you should have tried warrior of sunlights covenant, it give you lightning spear and great Lightning spear. and sunlight's blade find you at the end of Gwindolyn hallway. pretty good for a run
By Anonymous
Is her gesture missable? I was never given the option to learn it when she was in Firelink Shrine.

I haven't haven't come across her in the Tomb of Giants yet.
By Anonymous
If you started as a cleric, then you start with the pray gesture that she'd normally teach you. Because you're a cleric, you see.
By Anonymous
i feel sorry for her. her voice is miserably cute... a weak innocent personality that has been domainated by religion
By Anonymous
wow you must be a raging atheist
By Anonymous
I'm not an atheist but feel sorry for her too :(
By Anonymous
innocence only exists because of religion. but stay edgy and ignorant.
By Anonymous
Lol, edgy atheist alert. Look out guys, he just took his first semester at college and he’s been enlightened.
By Anonymous
Religion in DS1 is pretty demonstrably of the "brainwashing cult" variety. Anything else you are inferring from OP's comments are all on you.
By Anonymous
Maybe the main commenter has just written his idea! who are you judging people just by one comment! learn to accept others idea without accusing und acting like an idiot
By Anonymous
Exactly who gets brainwashed for religious reasons in DS1?
By Anonymous
lmao religious people getting triggered
By Anonymous
LOOOL. This religious people man! they don't respect someone's Idea but expect to everyone thinks he way they think!!! Anyway I love the concept of religion in dark souls... complete the questline of Petrus and you will see the true nature of most of these fanatics. he speaks always so nice and kind and at the end he says: "Too bad for you, I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing"
By Anonymous
i think Reah was dominated by religion too, but every religion has good and bad aspects. its up to you whether accept it or not. But calling someone atheist just for such a comment is really exaggerating
By Anonymous
rampaging atheist triggered by religious feelings appears
By Anonymous
LOL hopeless atheist simpletons got dominated by nihilism
By Anonymous
Say it without crying, ignorant atheist.
By Anonymous
Lmfao what's wrong with you guys? It is just a game :) both religious people and atheist ones, take it easy:))
By Anonymous
LMAO. Bringing real world viewpoints into *****ing DS? Religion in DS is pretty culty. OH THAT'S RIGHT, THERE ACTUALLY ARE GODS AND MAGIC. If you could throw *****ing lightning spears at people, you would be praying to the gods all of the time as well.
By Anonymous
Goddamn, why does it matter, religion is religion and everyone has their own opinion. It's only a game why do you have to be so mad.
By Anonymous
Praise the sun, just praise the sun :D
By Anonymous
It's funny! An obvious example of real world! neither religious people nor non religious people couldn't have a normal conversation... and we are all those who should carrying the weight of world and be the successor of civilization... what a shame
By Anonymous
Why is it then when anyone voices even the slightest disapproval of religion, all the fanatics rush in out of nowhere and throw a fit?? Jesus Christ...
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